SS Lucy Gray VG1

The SS Lucy Gray. (GAME: Evacuation Earth)

The SS Lucy Gray was a spaceship. On the evening of the solar storm, the last humans wanted to use the ship for their evacuation from Earth. Eleanor, Jake, Frank, Rob, Sarah and Lara were passengers of the ship. The Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, Barnaby, Eleanor, George, Jake, May, Tina Lockheart and Jason Venezia were crew members. Doctor Sullivan was the only doctor on the ship and Roy Calvert was the captain of the ship. Ivy was the computer.

Unknown to the humans, the Silurians had built a ship underneath the Lucy Gray. They wanted to travel together with the humans away from Earth. The Silurian tribe was led by Kestral. Seelac was the head of security.

On the evening of the solar storm the Eleventh Doctor's TARDIS was brought onto the ship by some of its crew members. The Eleventh Doctor tried to get access to the ship by becoming part of the crew and by helping passengers and other crew members. Just when humans and Silurians had decided to travel through space together and protect each other against alien threats, a Dalek ship crashed on the Lucy Gray. The Silurian space ship, including all Silurians, fell back to Earth while the Lucy Gray stayed in space. The Doctor used his TARDIS to put the Daleks space ships next to a black hole, far away from any plant. (GAME: Evacuation Earth)

SS Lady Gray VG2

The SS Lucy Gray on its way back to Earth. (GAME: Return to Earth)

For the Doctor and Amy this was the second adventure on the SS Lucy Gray. Since they were time travelling their first adventure on the ship was centuries after these events. When the TARDIS was hit by asteroids it crashed on the ship. The Lucy Gray looked different, because the crew had centuries to rebuild it. Amy and the Doctor discovered that all the passengers and crew members were gone. Only Ivy, the computer, was still there. She tried to make sure that the crew members were safe. Since there were Cybermen on the ship, Ivy put the crew members into life saving boxes to make sure that they could not be harmed by the Cybermen. The Doctor destroyed the Cybermen by overloading the systems. Shortly after that Daleks invaded the ship. The Doctor came face to face with the Dalek Supreme and their ship was fired into the sun. The crew was released and the Lucy Gray returned to Earth. The Doctor and Amy left just before the systems shut down. (GAME: Return to Earth)

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