The SSSSSSS, also known as the Stella Stora Sigma Schutz-Staffel SturmSoldaten, were, according to Bernice Summerfield, the most ineffective Nazi party since the Outer Hebridean National Party.

Their power base was a small sausage factory on Smarley's World. Their emblem was an oktika, an eight-armed, crooked cross used by many off-world fascist groups.

Their handbook, Mein Pantz by Bernard Richtmanstances, had at least eighteen hymns within it.

The SSSSSSS acquired time travel technology from Vilencia Sixteen and attempted to seed "Aryan" genetic material throughout history, resulting in ape-like beings establishing themselves on several planets throughout space-time.

The SSSSSSS had a submarine that was fitted with hyperspace technology that they used to "hop" between planets with oceans. In 2593, they travelled, using this method, to Tyler's Folly searching for "Aryan supermen". (PROSE: Down)

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