SJA website games were those games which appeared on the main SJA website. Mainly, if not exclusively, Flash based, they were published to coincide with the release of various stories.

The Krulius was the main enemy in all of the The Sarah Jane Academy games, which were released together with SJA comic stories.

In the KS2 Bitesize video games the children learned more about science. They got to know more about planets, plants, tools, animals etc.

All of the KS2 Bitesize games and Think Before You Sonic! were narrated by Anjli Mohindra or Daniel Anthony.

Special additional scenes with the main characters were filmed for Find the Alien, Memory Mayhem!, Monster Hunt and Monster Morpher.

Browser Edit

Name Episode Link
Bane Blaster Invasion of the Bane
Circuit Training Revenge of the Slitheen
Slitheen Splatter Revenge of the Slitheen Play
Interstella Z-Wingers Warriors of Kudlak Play
Kaagh Quest The Last Sontaran Play
Odd Bob's Balloon Blaster The Day of the Clown Play
Zodiac Zap Secrets of the Stars Play
UNIT Code Hacker The Mark of the Berserker Play
Breakout The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith Play
Alien Alliance The Mad Woman in the Attic Play
Is there anybody out there? Series1 Play
Memory Mayhem! Series 2
Find the Alien Series 3
Monster Maker Series 3 Play
Monster Morpher Series 4 Play

The Sarah Jane Academy Edit

Name Comic Link
Monster Hunt Monster Hunt
Think Before You Sonic! Return of the Krulius Play
Defending Bannerman Road Defending Bannerman Road Play

KS2 Bitesize Edit

Name Episode Link
Earth, Sun and Moon The Lost Boy Play
Light The Day of the Clown Play
Rocks and Soils The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith Play
Material Properties Prisoner of the Judoon Play
Teeth and Eating Prisoner of the Judoon Play
Plant and Animal Habitats The Gift Play
Plants The Gift Play
Sound The Gift Play
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