The SJA website was hosted at the official BBC website.

During the first two series the website was hosted at: It included character profiles of the main characters, alien profiles and information about several alien objects and institutions. Furthermore, data updates could be seen of the website. Data updates were video updates similar to Sarah Jane's Alien Files on web, but a lot shorter. Rani and Clyde did not appear in the videos. Next to this several videos and preview clips of series 1 & 2 appeared on the website. The viewers could get free screen servers, free wallpapers and could play the video games Bane Blaster, Circuit Training and Memory Mayhem!.

Then the website was hosted at After the broadcast the episodes could be seen on that website. They made several competitions on the website, for example drawing competitions. Next to video games the viewers got handicraft tips. In the "Make your own" part of the website the viewers got tips how to make a monster mask, create an alien goo, make an alien foldee, create a spooky face by using the right make up, make their own SJA trailers... Furthermore, they could print out Colouring-Ins about the series. The website included information about aliens, the main characters, alien objects etc. The Sarah Jane Academy became a big part of the website. The viewers could delve into Sarah Jane's Attic to find the secret files, alien objects and her computer featuring downloads from the show. Videos and preview clips were shown on the website as well.

After this the website was hosted at This website included several video games and a few of the SJA web comics. The "Things to do" part of the website replaced the former "Make your own" part of the website. On the website the viewers could also see Sarah Jane's Alien Files and other exclusive clips. The Sarah Jane Academy was also a part of this website.

Next to the SJA website of the BBC there was another official SJA website published on This website was only updated during the first series and included two video games, two video trailers, several photos and a lot of information about the merchandise products, like the DVDs, toys, books and audio books.

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