Comic stories involving characters and situations inspired by The Sarah Jane Adventures were never published in the print medium.

Instead, three comics appeared on the official CBBC SJA website beginning in 2009 as Flash-based, audio-enhanced web comics. They were read by Anjli Mohindra, but her script significantly differed from the one provided by the comics' letterers. Thus, although there was audio, the viewer still had to read to get the full story.

Next to this Clyde Langer's comic The Silver Bullet from the episode The Curse of Clyde Langer was also released online at the CBBC website. It was published as a PDF format.


Title Author Read by Release date Format Link
Monster Hunt Trevor Baxendale Anjli Mohindra 2009 Flash, PDF The Beginning, The Ending, The Beginning PDF Format
Return of the Krulius Neil Roberts Flash Return of the Krulius
Defending Bannerman Road Trevor Baxendale 2010 Defending Bannerman Road
The Silver Bullet nobody 2011 PDF The Silver Bullet