Episode two of Sarah Jane's Alien Files aired alongside The Vault of Secrets.

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Rani Chandra visits the attic of 13 Bannerman Road and tells Mr Smith of her search for a heroic, intelligent, mysterious subject on whom to practice her interview and journalism skills. Mr Smith begins to describe his own talents, but Rani stops him and informs him that what she'd actually been hoping for from Mr Smith was a suggestion of someone else to interview. While he considers the matter, Rani and Mr Smith update the Alien Files with data about the Pied Piper, Ship, and Eve.

During the update Rani admits that Mr Smith is indeed heroic, intelligent, and mysterious in his own right. Rani closes the new entries to the Alien Files in the manner of a newsreader.

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This story contains clips from TV: The Day of the Clown and TV: The Mad Woman in the Attic.

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