This was the 47th release in SFX's regular series of Special Edition Collections - a Celebration of all things Who.

Contents Edit

  • Arthur Darvill
The actor who plays Rory talks about being Who's equivalent of Kenny from South park!
  • Matt Smith & Karen Gillan
The Doctor and Amy talk about the Christmas special, and how their characters are evolving.
  • 100 Things we heart about Doctor Who
From Alpha Centauri to the Zygons, the quirky things, people and phenomena that we adore
  • My Life as a Dalek Voice
Voice artist Nick Briggs and operator Barnaby Edwards share their inside stories.
  • RTD vs Moffat
Who's the best producer– Russell T Davies or Steven Moffat? Let battle commence!
  • Costume Designs
We talk to series five costume designer Ray Holman, the man who made bow ties cool.
The creator of Elric and Jerry Cornelius writes about his love of Who
She was Pertwee-era companion Jo Grant, and she's just made her return to the Whoniverse!
  • Picture Puzzle
Can you find the 65 story titles in our fiendishly tricky two-page mindbender?
  • Special Effects
Model makers extraordinaire Mat Irvine and Mike Tucker talk about their work on Who
He's a hard SF author with two degree, but he still thinks the new Who is brilliant.
Giant eye in the sky! Read all about it in these extracts from Rory and Amy's local freesheet.
  • Missing Episodes
Somewhere in an alternative universe, "Marco Polo" is out on DVD. Not here, though. Sob.
  • Pandorica Meeting Minutes
Because even when evil alien alliances have to brainstorm in front of a whiteboard ...
Sir Discworld talks about what he likes about Who ... and what he doesn't!
  • 25 Silliest Moment
From the Doctor's useless robot double to the TARDIS towing the Earth home.
  • Who Crafting
Replica scarves! Cuddly Daleks! Giant waps! a celebration of fan creativity.
  • Arthur "Dies Daily" Darville
This '70s style comic strip must have fallen backwards in time from 2010 somehow ...
  • Marathon Man
Fanboy funnyman Toby Hadoke shares what he learnt from re-watching the entire series.
  • The IDW Comic
Matt Smith's Doctor is coming to the US comic in January. We talk to writer Tony Lee.
  • 20 Things we learned ...
Useful life lessons gained from series five.
  • Series Six Snaps
Paparazzi shots from location filming for the episode written by Mark Gatiss.
  • Who's Snogged Who?
A helpful diagram tracking who's locked lips (and More ...) in Doctor Who and Torchwood.
Prepare for geek overload in the form of our mind-boggling detailed analyses of every episode of series five. Within these critical assessments you'll find love, praise and trivia intermingled with nitpicking, blooper-spotting and rather a lot of carping about Amy's rudimentary social skills. As if we can talk!

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Two 5cm pin badges
Blue bow tie
Giant poster featuring classic series cyberman on one side and Dalek on the other.
56 minute Tom Baker Sampler CD (see below)

Free Tom Baker Sampler CD Edit

SFX Tom Baker Sampler

1 Extract from The Stuff of Nightmares, part one of Doctor Who:Hornets' Nest

Written by Paul Magrs Featuring Tom Baker and Richard Franklin

2 Extract from The Dead Shoes, part two of Doctor Who: Hornets' Nest

written by Paul Magrs Featuring Tom Baker and Christian Rodska

3 Extract from Tom Baker's reading of Doctor Who And The Giant Robot

A novelisation by Terrance Dicks

4 Clip from Good Morning Sou'West, featuring Tom Baker and Philip Hinchcliffe

Originally broadcast on Radio Four on 30/9/1974 Taken from Doctor Who at the BBC.

5 Extract from Tom Baker's reading of Doctor Who And The Brain of Morbius

A novelisation by Terrance Dicks

6 Clip from Woman's Hour, featuring Sue MacGregor and Tom Baker

Originally broadcast on Radio Four on 26/1/1977. Taken from Doctor Who at the BBC Volume 2.

7 Extract from Tom Baker's reading of Doctor Who And The Pyramids of Mars

A novelisation by Terrance Dicks

8 Clip from Pete Murray's Open House

Featuring Pete Murray, Tom Baker and Mary Tamm. Originaly broadcast on Radio Two on 29/8/1978

9 Extract from Tom Baker's reading of Doctor Who And The Creature From The Pit

A novelisation by David Fisher

10 Clip from Pebble Mill at One

Featuring Donny McLeod, Tom Baker and Louise Jameson. Originally broadcast on BBC One in May 1977

11 Extract from Doctor Who and The Pescatons, written by Victor Pemberton

Featuring Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen

12 Clip from Today

Featuring James Naufghtie, Douglas Adams and Tom Baker. Originally broadcast on Radio Four on 13/11/1999 Taken from Doctor Who at the BBC.

13 Extract from Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks, written by Terry Nation

Featuring Tom Baker, Michael Wisher and Peter Miles

14 Clip from Dead Ringers

Featuring Jon Culshaw and Tom Baker. Originally broadcast on Radio Four on 27/4/2001 Taken from Doctor Who at the BBC Volume 2.

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