SFX Collection #35 was the 35th release in SFX's regular series of Special Edition Collections – subtitled on the spine Sci-fi's Greatest CGI Special FX.

Contents Edit

  • Variety of articles with a CGI theme.
  • One of the main articles is a history of CGI highs in the movies but included as the 2008 highlight is Doctor Who.

"The first TV show anywhere in the world to use the Massive AI system, which was originally developed by Weta for the battle sequences in Lord of the Rings. The software was used to produce the Adipose crowd scenes in "Partners in Crime", with only one or two of the critters animated by hand and the rest more or less thinking for themselves. It was also used for the Dalek attack on the Valiant in "The Stolen Earth", which was a crossover with Torchwood."

  • Matte Finnish - Need an alien landscape fast? Then matte painter Alex Fort is your man. Dave Golder talks to the man who creates digital worlds for Doctor Who in Photoshop. –an interview with the man who paints alien worlds for Doctor Who

Additional details Edit

  • SFX magazine (a regular monthly title in the UK), regularly produced special seasonal issues mainly focussing on a specific theme.
  • This Collection looks at Sci-fi's Greatest CGI Special FX and was priced £5.99 (UK).
  • Cover imagery was by The Mill.
  • Unlike Doctor Who Magazine or Doctor Who Adventures, SFX is "100% unofficial and independent".
  • This slip-cased issue featured a bonus magazine Doctor Who: The Special FX - a celebration of the Mill's work on Season Four.

Doctor Who: The Special FX (Supplementary Magazine) Edit


The cover of the supplement

  • Featured exclusive interview, pictures and concept art in a 28 page celebration of The Mill's work on Season Four with an episode by episode guide.
  • Credits:
Editor: Dave Golder
Designers: Mike Brennan, Nicky Gotobed, Debbie Brading, Stacy Black
Subbed by: Catherine hackforth, Elizabeth Elliot
Special thanks to; Dave Houghton, Alex Fort, Edward Russell, & everbody at The Mill

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