SFX Collection #33 was the 33rd release in SFX's regular series of Special Edition Collections – subtitled on the spine "Doctor Who: Ultimate Guide" (2008).

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  • The top 10 most embarrassing things I've done as a Doctor Who Fan
By Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf creator Toby Hadoke
  • Meet the Monster Makers
SFX has an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Millennium FX and interviews head honcho, Neill Gorton
  • Poll Results: The Best Doctor Who Companions Ever
Who did you decide was the greatest – and the worst – sidekick?
She's back with her own show! Lis Sladen reveals why Sarah Jane has always been such a special role for her.
Feminist icon or dad-magnet for the post-Grandstand crowd? Louise Jameson discusses the role of a savage companion.
These days she would be the Doctor's posh totty, but in Classic Who the intelligent Romana soon became a companion cliché.
Women may be better at multi-tasking, but acting and finger tapping at the same time proves beyond Freema's skills.
No, we haven't consulted a psychic or lied about this special being 100% new material. Nick Setchfield unearths an interview which never saw the light of day ... until now.
The producer during the Pertwee era tells us what it was like dragging Doctor Who into the '70s
The script editor during the Pertwee era tells us what it was like getting Jon Pertwee to say his lines.
Fresh from his triumphant return to Doctor Who in Time Crash
Torchwood's techno nerd tells us about the Torchwood office party.
Behind-the-scenes of the recording of Assassin in the Limelight
The launch of its new Original Doctor Who stories range.

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Yeah, yeah, that was a year ago now, but you loved the episode guide we did last year for the first two series, so we had to continue the tradition...
Oh, and we'll do the Christmas Special while we're at it.
And the spin-off show, because it was so brilliant.

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