This was the 24th release in SFX's regular series of Special Edition Collections – subtitled on the spine 'Doctor Who: Your Ultimate Guide to all 10 Doctors!

Contents[edit | edit source]

Who's head honcho reflects on success
  • Season Two
What to expect when the Doctor returns to our screens
  • Behind the Sofa
"Oh no, I've wet myself!" Precious Who memories ...
  • Subs
Never miss an issue of SFX
  • Who History
Exploring a Time Lord's back pages
The original Doctor laid down the template for those who followed
The Doctor's mid-60's companion on fame, TV violence and ... gardening
The Doctor reinvented as japing cosmic prankster
The most urban man ever to helm the TARDIS
Because it's tme the Brigadier became Lord Lethbridge-Stewart of 'Tache ...
Mad,mad, mad, The quintessential Doctor?
"I was thinking about your husband's codpiece this morning …"
Young Parisians: recalling the making of a Tom Baker-era classic.
It shouldn't happen to a vet, having to follow Tom Baker and al ...
Meet the man who was Davros, creator of the dastardly Daleks.
The Doctor saddled with the worst costume ever ...
The Doctor becomes a sometimes sinister manipulator of people. Really
The Doctor's foxy companion as you've never seen her before ...
The action-man star of the ill-fated US movie.
  • What's Up Doc?
The making of the first 'toon Who', with Richard E Grant
Our time travelling friend from the north
  • Carry On Again Doctor
Behind the scenes for the return of Who
Dig the new breed. Doctor Who as a young charmer
Let there be Cybermen! The Who producer on season two
Rose's mum on the reinvention of Jackie
  • Couch Potato

Does 'classic' Who still cut the mustard?

Doctor Who goes big-screen in the mid-60's

The hidden history of the pepperpot meanies.

  • Invasion Earth!

An exclusive extract from top new book, The Science of Doctor Who

  • Monstrously Bad
Rubbish Who monsters, a celebration
  • So Much Time
It's not just the Doc who travels in the fourth dimension, y'know ...
Top SF author Stephen Baxter on H. G. Wells
  • The Time Tunnel
Naff '60's telly or underrated gem?
  • Back to the Future
Sooo '80's but we love it. The making of Robert Zemeckis's classic
  • Life on Mars
Take a look at the law man ...
  • SFXperts
Your Who questions answered by those old enough to know better
  • Vital Statistics
Who-themed lists for your delectation

Additional details[edit | edit source]

  • SFX magazine (a regular monthly title in the UK), regularly produced special seasonal issues mainly focussing on a specific theme. Included new and reprinted updated articles from previous regular SFX issues.
  • This Collection looks at all ten Doctors with a factfile feature on each of the actors to have played the part up to David Tennant's debut in The Christmas Invasion and was priced £5.99 (UK).
  • Unlike Doctor Who Magazine or Doctor Who Adventures, SFX is "100% unofficial and independent".

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