SFX Collection #22 was the 22nd release in SFX's regular series of Special Edition Collections – subtitled on the spine "Best of British - your top 50 greatest UK SF and fantasy shows ever!”

Contents Edit

  • Top 50 Greatest UK Telefantasy Shows Ever
As voted for by you! So you only have yourself to blame.
  • True Brit
What if some of today's hot shot creative types decided to resurrect classic SF and fantasy series?
From the SFX vaults, a clssic interview with a classic writer.
  • Children of the Stones
Relive one of the spookiest children's serials ever made ...
Remember Ultraviolet? Fantastic, wasn't it?
All-new interview with the Sapphire And Steel creator.
Gerry takes you through his career show-by-show.
Red Dwarfs co-creator talks to SFX!
  • Coming Soon
Five new British telefantasies to look out for.
  • Competition
Win a copy of Revelation of the Daleks
  • Opening Titles Quiz
Can you remember how these shows started every week?
Too complicated to explain here!
  • The Timeline
A walk down memory lane – relive over 300 classic, home-grown SF and fantasy shows.

Additional details Edit

  • SFX magazine (a regular monthly title in the UK), regularly produced special seasonal issues mainly focusing on a specific theme.
  • Unlike Doctor Who Magazine or Doctor Who Adventures, SFX is "100% unofficial and independent".
  • This Collection looked at the Best of British "your top 50 greatest UK SF and fantasy shows ever!" and was priced £5.99 (UK) and was packaged o include an 80-page exclusive book The Art of Doctor Who.
The Art of Doctor Who SFX mag 22b
  • Of particular note with this release is how 'Doctor Who' fits in to 68 years worth of home-grown cult TV in the UK, its inspirations and the shows it has inspired.
  • With the recent return to television screens and Christopher Eccleston's Ninth Doctor being the hit it was, not surprisingly, 'Doctor Who' comes top in the publics vote for number 1. The magazine makes the comment that many voters expressed a vote in favour of the 'classic' series over the 'new' 2005 version but then goes on to point out that had the votes been separated Doctor Who would have held both first and second positions!
  • Russell T Davies's early SF series Dark Season came in at a respectable number 16.
  • The closing page features the SFX teams 10 worst things about UK telefantasy. Doctor Who again secures the top position "1: Bonnie Langford in Doctor Who – The Horror called Bonnie!"

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