SFX Collection #20 was the 20th release in SFX's regular series of Special Edition Collections – subtitled on the spine 'Doctor Who: Past! Present! Future!'


  • What's on the CD?
A track listing for that lovely CD we've given you.(see below)
  • Inbetween Years
Who news from the years in which there was no Who!
  • The New Series
It's back, and we've got an episode by episode rundown (Warning! Minor spoilers!)
  • Writing the Series
Paul Cornell gives you his personal recollections of working on the new series
Who's executive producer in an exclusive SFX interview
  • Jobs for Monsters
Are you an unemployed giant maggot? Fancy a job on the new Who...?
  • Keeping the Flame Alive
The heroes that kept Who from disappearing entirely
  • Say Cheese!
Some of the best publicity pics from 42 years of Doctor Who
The Fourth Doctor- the maddest, most eccentric of the lot. Quite an achievement!
Relive Tom's tour of the UKL as he tried to flog his autobiography
You asked the questions, the ever-grinning Baker answered them. Simple.
If you like your Doctor with a taste for cricket and celery...
He was the Doctor who divided the nation, whose reign was cut too short.
The one-off TV Doctor has a hungover morning with SFX.
  • Who's Not Who?
The actors who came close to playing the Doctor.
  • Who's Appeared Most?
The actors who have appeared in the most episodes of Doctor Who.
Pertwee and Baker's Liver bird journo companion/
UNIT's Brigadier casts a military eye over Who.
Nothing ever went on between Jamie and Victoria. Honest.
The Doctor's grand-daughter from the days of black and white telly.
Champion screamer Jo, who kept Jon Pertwee's Doctor company.
Ben and Polly – the first companions to witness a regeneration.
She only became a companion at the last minute, you know...
  • Disco Daleks
The pop travesties Doctor Who has foisted on the public
The Seventh Doctor jons the regular SFX couch crew.
The Turlough actor makes his opinions on Who known.
  • Cliffhangers
The best and worst cliffhangers ever...
  • DVD Reviews
Every Doctor Who DVD so far reviewed and also rated.
Glorious Dalek tat wot we have reviewed.

Additional details[]

  • SFX magazine (a regular monthly title in the UK), regularly produced special seasonal issues mainly focussing on a specific theme.
  • This Collection brings together earlier articles (updated) from the regular SFX magazine title, as well as new articles and was priced £5.99 (UK).
  • Cover photography was by Rob Semenoff and Jonathan Coates.
  • Unlike Doctor Who Magazine or Doctor Who Adventures, SFX is "100% unofficial and independent".
  • A cover mounted 'extra' included with this issue was a Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space CD sampler running for 1 hour.

Free Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space Sampler CD[]

1-24 Fury from the Deep Episode 1

Extract taken from Fury from the Deep

25 The Genesis of Doctor Who

Extract taken from Doctor Who at the BBC

26 Marco Polo

Extract taken from Marco Polo

27 Genesis of the Daleks

Extract taken from Genesis of the Daleks

28 Mission to the Unknown

Extract taken from Mission to the Unknown

29 The Power of the Daleks

Extract taken from The Power of the Daleks

30 The Evil of the Daleks

Extract taken from The Evil of the Daleks

31 The Moonbase

Extract taken from The Moonbase

32 The Web of Fear

Extract taken from The Web of Fear

33 The Mary Whitehouse Experience: Monster Strike

Extract taken from Doctor Who at the BBC Volume 2

34 Doctor Who and the Pescatons

Extract taken from Doctor Who and The Pescatons

35 The Underwater Menace

Extract taken from The Underwater Menace

36 Doctor Who and the Daleks

Extract taken from Doctor Who and the Daleks (MP3-CD)

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