Ryosians were a humanoid race native to Ryos. In the 82nd century, they were at a primitive state of development. They lived in villages with cylindrical, thatch-roof huts, domesticated a large native species that they could ride, and were capable of creating spears and some kind of rope to lead their animals.

Bahlia crashed on their planet around 8162 and was captured and taken to their village. The Seventh Doctor failed in his first attempt to rescue her and was pursued by a mounted party. With Keepsake's aid, they were able to use explosives to set the village into a panic so they could finally rescue the medic. (COMIC: Keepsake)

Behind the scenes Edit

The Ryosians are named by Keepsake in Death's Head (1988) #5. In the Doctor Who Magazine story, Keepsake refers to them as "the natives" and "this bunch" while the Doctor refers to them as "strange creatures" and "primitives".

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