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Ryan Sinclair was a companion of the Thirteenth Doctor. He worked as a warehouse worker, earning money while studying for his NVQ so that he could become a mechanic.

As part of Team TARDIS, Ryan often acted similarly to a pupil to the Doctor due to his impulsive behaviour and willingness to learn; he obeyed her rules and followed her antics if they seemed fun. He grew to understand the Doctor well enough to explain her thoughts and actions to people outside Team TARDIS.

After living on Earth again for ten months following the Doctor's imprisonment, Ryan decided to retire from travelling and settle with Graham. However, he and Graham continued their work of protecting their home planet from threats.


Early life[]

Ryan was born in 1999 or late 1998. As a child, he attended Redlands Primary alongside Yasmin Khan (TV: The Woman Who Fell to Earth) and was placed in a class named after Rosa Parks. (TV: Rosa)

In 2012, when he was thirteen, his mother died from a heart attack, with Ryan being the one to find her body. After his mother's death, Ryan's relationship with his father soured to the point of parental abandonment. (TV: The Tsuranga Conundrum) He began to feel that he wasn't deserving of his father's love. (TV: Resolution)

Ryan was then raised by his paternal grandmother, Grace. (TV: The Woman Who Fell to Earth) She told him the fable of The Lion and the Mouse, (PROSE: The Good Doctor) and he also became a fan of Bruce Lee. (COMIC: The White Dragon)

Young adult life[]

Ryan suffered the effects of racism and noted that he was stopped more often by the police than his white peers. (TV: Rosa) Ryan once went on a messy holiday to Crete with his mates. Ryan also dropped his phone in the bath whilst taking nude photos of himself. (PROSE: The Good Doctor)

Ryan worked in a warehouse (TV: Arachnids in the UK) for SportStack, with one of his main jobs being packing trainers for delivery. Due to his dyspraxia, Ryan's first month on the job was a "total nightmare" for him, as he struggled to do things physically. Fortunately, he found friends who helped him, and he was able to master his way around the packing area. At one point while on the job, Ryan rode the warehouse conveyor belt, leading to him getting a sprained ankle, and a "final warning" from his superiors. (TV: Kerblam!)

In 2015, Grace married Graham O'Brien. Despite her wishes that Ryan consider Graham his granddad, he did not accept Grace's husband as family. (TV: The Woman Who Fell to Earth)

Ryan once borrowed Graham's car without asking in order to impress Alison Mayer. (PROSE: The Secret in Vault 13)

In 2017, Ryan was visited by his father, but the encounter ended poorly after Ryan "got mad" at his father for constantly missing out on his life. (TV: The Tsuranga Conundrum)

Meeting the Doctor[]

Ryan attempts to ride a bicycle. (TV: The Woman Who Fell to Earth)

In September 2018, whilst trying to learn to cycle with Grace and Graham, Ryan fell off and threw the bicycle away into the nearby woods out of anger. After his grandmother and Graham left him to calm down, Ryan went to retrieve it.

Whilst retrieving it from a tree, he discovered a glowing symbol and, upon touching it, summoned a strange blue pod. He touched the pod only to find it freezing, burning his hand. Calling the police to investigate, Ryan was reunited with Yasmin Khan, a classmate from school who now worked as a police officer, when she arrived to investigate the scene. Ryan confessed it wasn't a prank, making Yasmin confirm such by touching the pod. Walking away, Ryan received a call from his grandmother asking for help on a nearby train.

The pair raced to the train, where they met the recently regenerated Thirteenth Doctor and were subsequently electrocuted by a coil creature. Ryan helped the Doctor track down the pod's occupant, Tzim-Sha and prevented him from claiming Karl Wright as a trophy. However, Grace died via electrocution when disabling the gathering coil. Devastated, her death motivated Ryan to battle his dyspraxia in her honour. He later helped the Doctor make a teleport so she could reach her TARDIS only to be teleported with her into space. (TV: The Woman Who Fell to Earth)

Believing the pair to be bonuses in the Rally of the Twelve Galaxies, Angstrom scooped Ryan and Graham out of deep space and transported them aboard her ship.

On Desolation, he found Yasmin and the Doctor, who had been similarly saved by Epzo, Angstrom's rival in what would become the final stage of the rally. The rivals, with the Doctor and her friends in tow, were tasked by Ilin, master of the rally, to race across the planet; the first to reach the finish line at the Ghost Monument would win 3.2 million krin and salvation from planet's hostile surface. The Doctor discovered that the Ghost Monument was, in fact, her TARDIS, phasing in and out of reality. After the Doctor stabilised the TARDIS, Ryan entered it for the first time and the Doctor attempted to take them home. (TV: The Ghost Monument)

Trying to return home[]

Attempting to land the TARDIS back in 21st century Sheffield, Ryan saw singing waterfalls made of pink crystals, a unicorn sanctuary on a lost moon and the Big Bang happening in front of his eyes. (PROSE: The Good Doctor)

Ryan faces discrimination in Slim's Bar. (TV: Rosa)

Eventually, the TARDIS had latched onto nearby Artron energy and landed in 1955 Montgomery, Alabama, exciting Ryan as it was his first-time travel experience. However, when he tried to return a dropped glove to a passerby, Lizzie, he was slapped by her husband who threatened to lynch him should he disturb a white woman in Montgomery. After Rosa Parks helped to calm the man, she explained to Ryan that outsiders were not safe from racism in segregated US states and told him of the death of the northern Emmett Till in Mississippi. Later, Ryan was denied service at Slim's Bar and labelled a "negro", and had to discretely enter the "whites-only" Sahara Springs Motel. He had to enter through the back door of the buses and sit at the back. To learn more about Rosa, given he only knew about her defiant move which started the Montgomery Bus Boycott led by Martin Luther King, he followed her home and sat in on one of her annual meetings with other blacks campaigning for civil rights. There, he met King, astonishing him and explained how his grandmother Grace idolised the preacher.

Attempting to stop Krasko's plot to alter history, Ryan and Graham came to James Blake's fishing spot. Blake was shocked that the black Ryan was Graham's grandson and was told by Ryan of a staged event by black citizens in Montgomery that night, causing Blake to resume his place in history as the driver of Parks's bus. Later, he boarded Parks's bus to ensure it was crowded enough for whites to not be able to all sit at the front. He witnessed Parks refusing to move for the white passengers and her historic arrest. Back at the TARDIS, the Doctor told Ryan that Parks was honoured by President Clinton in 1999, which Ryan thought took too long. He was taken to see Asteroid 284996, also named Rosaparks, in space. (TV: Rosa)

The Doctor managed to finally return Ryan and his friends home to Sheffield, only half an hour after they left, and before the Doctor could leave on her own, she and Ryan visited Yaz's flat for tea. Discovering a mysteriously quiet nearby flat that was infested with cobwebs, the arachnophobic Ryan discovered that giant spiders had begun attacking humans around Sheffield. Eventually, the source of the spiders was traced to the new hotel built by Jack Robertson that Yaz's mother, Najia Khan, was working at. As Ryan was forced to capture one of the smaller spiders, it was revealed that the hotel was built on the site of a former coal mine that was pumped up with toxic waste, causing the local spiders to mutate and grow much larger than normal. Ryan received a letter from his father asking to reconnect with him, but he did not approve and did not have enough time to process it before stumbling upon a large van-sized spider in the hotel's ballroom. Coming up with a plan, Ryan connected the entertainment system in Robertson's panic room to a grime music station and used the vibrations to lure the smallest ones in and trap them. However, Robertson shot the largest mother spider despite the Doctor's protests not to.

With the threat over, Ryan, Graham and Yaz met up outside the TARDIS and, after being allowed in, stated their intentions to willingly carry on travelling with the Doctor. With her christening their group as 'Team TARDIS', they all pulled a lever together to continue to further adventures. (TV: Arachnids in the UK)


Ryan and Team TARDIS travelled to the planet Gatan, arriving in the City of Radiant Stone in the midst of war. Ryan decided to climb to the roofs of the city to see what was causing the destruction, where he and Graham witnessed a robotic woman called Sandola Dell fly past and begin to commentate on the battle between Tumat and Kraytos. When he was spotted by Sandola, he attempted to argue with her, leading to him and Graham being teleported to her headquarters at the Freedom Thoughtcasting Network. After being briefly reunited with the Doctor on board, Ryan and Graham were locked up by Sandola in a disused dressing room. Learning of her struggles at work, the two convinced her to take some time off, leaving them alone. Learning they were in the room belonging to two actors who played Tumat and Kraytos for promotions, they used the powerful suits to break out and rescue the Doctor from being attacked by Berakka Dogbolter. They eventually used the suits to trick the real warriors onto a teleport pad where the Doctor fused them into one being, thereby ending the war. (COMIC: The Warmonger)

When Team TARDIS travelled to the junk planet Seffilun 27 in search of spare parts in the 67th century, Graham accidentally set off a sonic mine that knocked them out for four days. Fortunately, the Tsuranga medical ship had been nearby when the mine detonated, and they were brought on board for treatment shortly after the blast, but without the TARDIS. As the Doctor found a way to get back, the ship was boarded by a Pting, which began to eat through the ship itself. Ryan and Yaz met Yoss, a man who was about to give birth, and felt his baby kicking before Ryan explained about his troubled history with his own father. With a plan forming, Ryan and Graham were forced to act as 'doulas' for Yoss and successfully delivered his baby. Safely arriving on the space station with the Pting jettisoned in the meantime, Ryan and his friends were able to return to the TARDIS. (TV: The Tsuranga Conundrum)

On Proxima Ceti, Ryan witnessed the Doctor outwitting carnivorous chessmen. (PROSE: The Secret in Vault 13)

In New York City in 1904, Ryan saw the Doctor escape from 200 cyborg clones of Harry Houdini in the subway. (PROSE: The Secret in Vault 13)

For Yasmin's birthday, Ryan and Graham suggested to give her a cake, balloons and candles. (PROSE: Dr. Thirteenth)

The Doctor and her team were tasked with preventing the Genesis Seed stored in the secret Vault 13 within the Galactic Seed Vault from falling into the hands of Nightshade. (PROSE: The Secret in Vault 13)

Ryan and Team TARDIS later travelled to Punjab in 1947 on Yaz's request to see her grandmother Umbreen when she was younger. They eventually met Umbreen and her husband-to-be Prem on the day before both their wedding and the Partition of India, where Prem's younger brother, Manish, wanted to separate Hindus and Muslims on the nearby border. However, they encountered two Thijarians who they believed were killing local people. Ryan, the Doctor and Prem investigated and accidentally ended up in their 'hive'. However, after escaping and trapping the Thijarians out of the area, the Doctor realised that they were simply bearing witness to the unacknowledged dead, with Prem next. Ryan watched as Umbreen and Prem got married, but when Manish's Hindu nationalists attempted to drive the Muslims out, Prem was shot by Manish. Ryan and his friends eventually returned to 2018 with history unchanged by their visit. (TV: Demons of the Punjab)

Ryan rides the conveyors at the Kerb!am warehouse. (TV: Kerblam!)

The Doctor's group next visited the Kerb!am warehouse on Kandoka's moon after the Doctor received a message for help on a packing slip she received. Ryan inspired the Doctor that they should take the roles of employees in the workforce, and he joined her in packing with Kira Arlo. After encountering the manager, Jarva Slade, Ryan, the Doctor and Yaz believed that the company's system had gone rogue and was making the small number of human workers vanish. However, when he discovered that Kira had gone missing, he led Yaz and their co-worker, Charlie Duffy, to the unmanned dispatch area via several conveyor belts.

After Kira died at the hands of a delivery robot, it was revealed that Charlie had intercepted all the company's parcels and turned their bubble wrap into bombs to kill their receivers and pin the blame on the automated system to let humans get more jobs. With the Doctor preventing the deliveries from going out but Charlie refusing to leave, the group teleported out before the warehouse could explode. (TV: Kerblam!)

After attempting to arrive at Queen Elizabeth I's coronation, the Doctor accidentally brought Team TARDIS to Bilehurst Cragg in the early 17th century in the middle of a series of witch trials. After Mother Twiston was tried as a witch by the landlady, Becka Savage, the Doctor intervened, proclaiming her group to be witchfinders. Upon meeting King James I, the King took a shine to Ryan, and he and Graham were forced to stick with him and Becka. After Becka's younger cousin Willa was attacked by a tendril of mud while attempting to bury her grandmother, Ryan attempted to prevent them from killing anyone else while the Doctor and Yaz investigated, but the plan did not work, leading the group to encounter the others as the mud possessed the body of Mother Twiston.

Moving off to find a group of the mud figures, Ryan, Graham and Yaz eventually stumbled upon the Doctor getting ducked under suspicion as a witch. Although she survived, Becka revealed herself to be infected with the mud and transformed, now identifying as the Morax, whose prison disguised as a tree on Pendle Hill was broken by Becka, leading them to plan on releasing their king and filling up the planet with their form. After being briefly knocked out, everyone followed the Doctor to Pendle Hill, where they used burning torches constructed from the prison to seal the Morax again. Eventually, the group made King James promise that the events would never be recounted in the future and, turning down an offer to follow King James home to London, Ryan left in the TARDIS. (TV: The Witchfinders)

Team TARDIS next arrived at a pizza parlour in New Port City, where they discovered the body of Iz. Ryan and Yaz investigated Iz's home together. They discovered that the deceased Gornt was a brilliant artist, and found teleportation coordinates to a party Iz had attended outside the Grey Zone. Ryan and Yaz teleported to the party's location, but were instead kidnapped by Ronan Sumners, who planned to harvest their sperantium to power the city's teleportation system. However, they were saved by Graham and the Doctor, and Sumners was accidentally ported into a Pizza-Porter oven. (PROSE: Gatecrashers)

After helping the Doctor halt a war on the planet Lobos between the dog-like loba and human colonists, Ryan left his mobile phone there and asked to return for it. Accidentally, the TARDIS slipped almost six hundred years into the future, where the planet was now ruled by human zealots, served by slave loba. The zealots derived human superiority over loba from one joke by Graham, now worshipped as "the Good Doctor" while the real Doctor was forgotten. With women treated barely better than loba, Ryan and Yasmin were conflated into "St Rasmin", which gave Ryan a considerable authority. He befriended Brother Tempika from the Temple of Tordos, who turned out to work for the resistance. This helped the Doctor learn both sides of the story. In the end, the Doctor succeeded in uncovering the lie of the zealots, setting the record straight and brokering a lasting peace between humans and loba. (PROSE: The Good Doctor)

Making peace with his family[]

Graham and Ryan discuss their grief over Grace. (TV: It Takes You Away)

Visiting 2018 Norway, the Doctor and friends discovered a strangely boarded-up and quiet cottage in the middle of nowhere. Exploring, they found a girl called Hanne hiding, terrified, as her father Erik had left her and she believed there was a monster in the nearby woods that took him. Despite not initially taking to each other well, Ryan was forced to stay with Hanne as the Doctor, Graham and Yaz entered some form of dimensional portal placed in a mirror upstairs in the house. Eventually, Ryan discovered there was no monster, just some recordings played to scare Hanne, and upon learning this, she escaped into the portal.

They ended up in an anti-zone, an area made to protect space-time, while the rest of the group had already reached the other side. Escaping, Hanne discovered the Solitract plane, a conscious alternate universe that was exiled at the beginning of time as it was incompatible with the main universe and was now seeking friends, creating figures of Hanne's mother, Trine, and Grace to attract Erik and Graham. However, Ryan was trapped in the anti-zone as the Solitract plane collapsed and just about managed to escape with the rest of the group when they reappeared. After saying goodbye to Hanne, Graham explained how he had met Grace again, and he and Ryan talked about how they both missed her. Ryan finally called him 'Granddad' in doing so, before returning to the TARDIS. (TV: It Takes You Away)

In the TARDIS, the Doctor discovered nine separate distress signals all coming from the planet Ranskoor Av Kolos, which they followed to meet a man called Greston Paltraki, a commander who had visited the planet to stop a threat there. They eventually discovered that he was being threatened by Tzim-Sha, the Stenza they met on their first adventure, over the safety of some strange mineral-shaped objects. Ryan and Graham were tasked with finding Paltraki's crew. Evading fire from SniperBots, Graham and Ryan discovered the rest of the crew held in Stenza stasis pods and attempted to get them out before they were attacked again.

As Tzim-Sha put his plan of using the local Ux's powers with his technology to stasis freeze entire planets, starting with Earth, Ryan began to lead the hostages to safety. He returned just as Graham was being faced down by Tzim-Sha, and distracted him long enough for Graham to weaken him. After finally fist-bumping Graham, the two locked Tzim-Sha in one of his own stasis pods. With the threat averted, the Ux decided to see the universe with Paltraki and the Doctor's group headed on their way. (TV: The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos)

Ryan and the rest of Team TARDIS accidentally landed in 1601 Bohemia where they met famous astronomers Tycho Brahe and a young Johannes Kepler and joined them on a gathering of scientists in a nearby castle laid out by Baroness Dagmar Ruskovitch. Ryan explored the meeting and was concerned when the Doctor realised she had no recollection of it. The two entered the castle's tunnels to discover more and were psychically attacked by a monk called Dominik, although the Doctor quickly turned the attack around. Exploring, the Doctor investigated a large sword symbol on the ground, and in doing so was attacked by energy, leaving her paralysed and muttering nonsense. Ryan was forced to carry her out but was quickly cornered by two of Dominik's Brethren. He was cornered, but the Doctor woke up and helped fend them off. The two quickly met up with the rest of the group, who explained about Ruskovitch freezing the minds of the astronomers, and together they went to see her, where she revealed that she and Dominik were actually trying to save the castle from the Catastrophia's Herald being summoned in the cellar. With the Doctor and Ruskovitch hunting the Herald and sealing it away, Ryan stayed behind, helping Yaz convince the assembled astronomers never to make the events known again. (COMIC: Herald of Madness)

On Acantha, Ryan became separated from his friends in a mag-storm. He discovered the underground facility where Mobox were being taken by humans under the cover of the storms and found the chamber where they were using a Gravitron to create the storms, bluffing that his phone was a weapon so he could stop them killing Yaz and Graham in a storm. They saw through his bluff when his phone went off, however he rescued in time by Graham, Yaz and R'Takk. They found the Doctor in the facility and she used the chamber’s controls to release the Mobox and lower local gravity to ensure the peaceful arrests of the conspirators. (COMIC: The Power of the Mobox)

The Doctor told Ryan, Graham and Yaz to stay in the TARDIS when she went to confront Berakka Dogbolter on Venus. They disobeyed her and intervened in time to try to save her from three children of chaos who interrupted the meeting, though she, Graham and Berakka were teleported away. Ryan and Yaz encountered Mother G and worked with her to rescue them by flying the TARDIS into the Catastrophia. (COMIC: Mistress of Chaos)

Ryan and his friends were treated by the Doctor to witnessing nineteen New Year's Eve celebrations in a row from across history. Before reaching the twentieth, however, the Doctor was alerted to some non-terrestrial things attempting to come together in Sheffield. Landing at an archaeological dig site on New Year's Day 2019, Ryan met Lin and Mitch who had uncovered an ancient burial site when a massive squid-like creature briefly appeared. Trying to analyse the creature, Team TARDIS travelled to Graham's house where Ryan finally reunited with his father, Aaron. Ryan left to talk with him in a café as the rest of the group returned to the TARDIS.

Sat together, Ryan told his father exactly how lost and lonely he had been feeling ever since he left and how he had let him down and hidden when he was needed, although Aaron refused to hide any more. They eventually returned home and Ryan entered the parked TARDIS, discovering that the creature was, in fact, a reconnaissance scout Dalek that had taken control of Lin. Ryan joined the Doctor in tracking it down to a farm.

Ryan saves his father from being ejected from the TARDIS. (TV: Resolution)

The Dalek eventually let go of Lin and Ryan helped take her back to the TARDIS. After the Dalek rebuilt a casing for itself before meeting the Doctor and taking off to summon a fleet to Earth, the group picked up Graham and Aaron and went to corner the Dalek. They used a microwave owned by Aaron to melt its casing, but the Dalek escaped and took control of Aaron. When the Doctor attempted to jettison it out of the TARDIS and into a supernova, Aaron nearly got sucked out too, and Ryan finally proclaimed that he loved him and forgave him, helping save Aaron's life. Returning Aaron, Lin and Mitch to their lives, Ryan promised to call Aaron when he next returned and continued his adventures with the Doctor. (TV: Resolution)

Later adventures[]

Whilst watching the Sentient Nebulae on Blecplam Two and a Half in 3912, the Doctor and her friends encountered a rip in time that the Doctor recognised as one she had encountered before. The rip vanished as before, but the Doctor was able to track it down again to an unnamed planet, where Ryan, Yaz and Graham successfully pulled the trapped man, Dr. Leon Perkins, out of the rip before being imprisoned by the Grand Army of the Just. While they were imprisoned together, Perkins explained that he had become stuck in a time-loop when he and his superior, Dr. Irene Schulz, activated their prototype vortex manipulators, only for his to malfunction. After the Doctor opened their containment cell, Team TARDIS escaped with Perkins back to the TARDIS. Perkins attempted to hijack the ship by threatening Team TARDIS at gunpoint, but his attempt was rendered pointless as the TARDIS had neutralised his weapon. Over a pot of tea, Perkins explained to the group that he and Schulz had come into contact with an alien, "the Hoarder", who forced them to steal treasures and take hostages using their time travel technology, with Schulz being injected with a toxic substance as punishment for disobedience. Resolving to help him, the Doctor and her friends helped Perkins find Schulz on the Hoarder's resident planet. After the Doctor cured her, Perkins and Schulz stood up to the Hoarder whilst Team TARDIS freed the hostages. After the Doctor summoned the Time Agency, forcing the Hoarder to try to escape using Perkins' faulty vortex manipulator which froze him in a time loop, Team TARDIS parted ways with Perkins and Schulz. (COMIC: A New Beginning)

Arriving in Guelder in the early 16th century, Ryan, Graham and Yaz revealed their knowledge of the time period, which they had gained of the Guelders Wars from a historical podcast hosted by Bethany Brunwine called Hidden Human History, to the Doctor’s surprise. Exploring, Team TARDIS encountered a horde of Stilean flesh eaters, an alien species that were able to gradually take on the traits of different lifeforms after consuming their blood, one of which took a bite out of the Doctor. After the Stilean flesh eaters fled Team TARDIS tracked them down again to North Carolina in 1711 during Cary's rebellion, and to Canada in the 1860s during the Battle of Ridgeway, another subject of Hidden Human History, where they encountered Leon Perkins and Irene Schulz again, both having joined the Time Agency. To learn how the podcast was connected to their recent travels, Team TARDIS paid a visit to Bethany Brunwine at her home in 2019 London, where they discovered that she was the Stilean flesh eater that had bitten the Doctor upon their first encounter, having become almost human. After having tea with her, with Ryan and Graham doing the washing up, Team TARDIS left her in peace. (COMIC: Hidden Human History)

After the Doctor was arrested on Devivian, the trio asked for her release and helped her escape. The Doctor traced the true culprit of the crime, the Corsair and introduced her to her friends. The Corsair asked the team to help her with a heist on Raddplina, however when guards arrived the Corsair abandoned them and took off with the Doctor in the TARDIS. Ryan, Graham and Yaz were held in a cage beneath the flying city until the Doctor rescued them by materialising the TARDIS around the cage. Ryan was concerned about what would have happened if the TARDIS had landed a little lower, which the Corsair claimed would have simply left their heads behind. (COMIC: Old Friends)

The Doctor dropped her friends off at home whilst she repaired the TARDIS. (PROSE: Press Play) While playing basketball with his friends, Ryan was picked up by MI6 agents and reunited with the TARDIS team. They were taken to meet “C” who ordered them to investigate a series of mysterious deaths of spies. Together with Team TARDIS, he helped foil a Kasaavin invasion. (TV: Spyfall)

Ryan kisses Bella goodbye. (TV: Orphan 55)

After Graham collected enough coupons for a free holiday, Team TARDIS were teleported to Tranquility Spa. There Ryan was attacked by a hopper virus, which the Doctor told him to suck his thumb to overcome whilst ignoring the hallucinations. As he recovered, he met a human called Bella, whom he shared a flirtatious relationship with, and they hid together during when the Dregs attacked the Spa. Afterwards he reunited with Graham and agreed to join the expedition out of the spa in search of Benni. They were forced to retreat back to the Spa via underground tunnels, during which the Doctor revealed the ruined planet they were was actually Earth. Upon retreating back to the Spa, Team TARDIS escaped by teleport. Though they were distressed by what they had just witnessed of Earth’s future, the Doctor reassured her friends it was just a possible future and could be changed. (TV: Orphan 55)

Whilst Team TARDIS was investigating Brideport in 1962, Ryan fell under the control of the Piggybacker which was possessing Edith Harcourt. He was freed when the Doctor had Abner J. Endicott convince Edith to resist the Piggybacker, though she died in the process. Ryan and the rest of Team TARDIS attended her funeral two days later. (COMIC: The Piggybackers)

Investigating alien energy signals in 1903, Team TARDIS met Nikola Tesla and helped him escape alien attackers, the Skithra, returning with him to New York. The Doctor took Ryan and Graham along with her to meet Thomas Edison. Ryan and the rest of Team TARDIS helped defend Wardenclyffe from the Skithra. (TV: Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror)

When the TARDIS arrived in 1969, the Doctor suspected it had something to do with her past self being stranded there and sent her companions to observe him. As they followed the Tenth Doctor around London, Ryan, Graham and Yaz were attacked by Weeping Angels and worked with him to escape. Reuniting with their Doctor, they helped the two Doctors pit the Angels against the Nestene Consciousness which was also attacking London. Parting with her past self, the Doctor took her companions back to 2020 only for them to discover a paradox had been created by the two Doctors’ encounter and had rewritten history, leaving their time in ruins. (COMIC: A Little Help from my Friends) As they explored, Team TARDIS were captured by Sea Devils who now ruled the Earth and were taken to a prison camp, where they encountered Peter and Jackie Tyler. They escaped when a Skithra Queen attacked the camp and returned to the TARDIS with her, learning the timeline had been altered in 1903 with the Skithra now successfully kidnapping Tesla and then awakening Sea Devils to conquer Earth for them. Team TARDIS resolved to save Tesla a second time, reasoning that they’d done it before, and along the way encountered another version of the Tenth Doctor with Rose Tyler who was also investigating the timeline change. In 1903, Team TARDIS learnt that Edison had been kidnapped too. After the Queen and Rose stopped the awakening of the Sea Devils, they all travelled to the Skithra ship where they rescued the two scientists, correcting history. The Doctor took her companions to restored 2020 however suddenly left them to resolve another timeline discrepancy. When she returned, she found her companions had met the Corsair again. (COMIC: Alternating Current)

Whilst investigating a Judoon invasion of Gloucester, Ryan, Graham, and Yaz were teleported away to a stolen starship and met Jack Harkness. Jack told the team to "beware the Lone Cyberman" and not to give it what it wanted, and asked them to pass the message on to the Doctor. He sent them back to Earth where they reunited with the Doctor. Ryan reassured her that whatever was coming, they’d face it together. (TV: Fugitive of the Judoon)

When investigating the Praxeus virus, Ryan met a vlogger named Gabriela Camara, who helped Team TARDIS stop the virus from spreading. (TV: Praxeus)

Arriving on Calapia, Team TARDIS were forced to shelter with the locals for three weeks due to the passage of the Death Moon. (PROSE: The Shadow Passes)

The Doctor attempted to take Graham to have a kickabout with Bobby Moore during the West Ham F.C’s glory days in 1964, however they instead arrived in West Ham in 1896. There the Doctor and Team TARDIS discovered a Draconian using Thames Ironworks and Shipbuilding Company to build a dreadnought. To her companions’ surprise, the Doctor was only able to convince the Draconian and company boss to allow the workers’ football team, the precursors to West Ham F.C, to train so they would be prepared for the 1896 Charity Cub Final, avoiding history being changed. (PROSE: The Simple Things)

Whilst Team TARDIS was exploring Hong Kong in 1972, Yaz and Graham bumped into a woman, Tung-Mei, and were kidnapped by men pursuing her before Ryan and the Doctor could intervene. Ryan found a pendant that Tung-Mei had dropped, which the Doctor discovered was receiving an alien signal. Following the signal, she and Ryan were shocked to find the source was at Bruce Lee’s home. As Bruce challenged their presence outside his home, they were attacked by men seeking the pendant who the Doctor and Bruce fought off, with Ryan frustrated he could not help. Whilst the Doctor searched Bruce’s house for clues, Ryan and Bruce bonded with Bruce talking Ryan through his dyspraxia and ying and yang, briefly teaching him some moves in a bout. After the Doctor found a symbol matching the pendant in a book; she, Ryan and Bruce went to meet elders at the floating village of Aberdeen in hopes they could identify it. As Bruce went inside, Ryan asked the Doctor about Bruce’s looming fate however the Doctor reminded him they should not rewrite history by forewarning Bruce, upsetting Ryan. Bruce directed them to the book’s former owner, who revealed to them the history of the pendant and how her son, Chen Luo, had exploited it. They were attacked by Chen’s men again, with the Doctor demanding they be taken to their boss. At Guangli Bay, they met Chen, who revealed he was allied with the Kalatra, and were reunited with Graham and Yaz. As Chen’s champion Shui Long and Bruce duelled for the fate of Earth, Ryan and his friends realised Shui was only strong over water and advised Bruce to move the battle to the shore, where he prevailed. After the Kalatra withdrew, taking Chen and Shui with them, Team TARDIS spent two days in Bruce’s company before departing, with Ryan especially saddened knowing that Bruce did not have long to live. (COMIC: The White Dragon)

Doubting TARDIS life[]

Ryan questions how long he will travel in the TARDIS. (TV: Can You Hear Me?)

Taking a break from travelling, Ryan reunited with his friend Tibo, only to find that he had changed. Ryan found out that Tibo was suffering from nightmares and stayed with him overnight. That night, Zellin came and took both of them to a monitoring station. Ryan was given a nightmare where he was confronted by an aged Tibo in a burning world, surrounded by Dregs. After he and the rest of Team TARDIS were rescued by the Doctor, he confided in Yaz that he was starting to doubt his lifestyle aboard the TARDIS. (TV: Can You Hear Me?) Also after the adventure, Yaz, recounting the events in a diary entry, wrote that she was unsure if Ryan loved travelling in the TARDIS as much as she did. (PROSE: Can You Hear Me?)

Travelling to 1816, he and the rest of the team became entangled in events surrounding Mary Shelley on the night of Frankenstein's conception. It was soon found that the Lone Cyberman, better known as Ashad, was causing the disturbances. Despite his and the other members warnings, the Doctor handed over the Cyberium to Ashad. (TV: The Haunting of Villa Diodati)

Team TARDIS travelled to the far future to the aftermath of the Great Cyber-War and encountered a group of human refugees trying to escape the last of the Cybermen. He was separated from Yaz and Graham, and travelled with the Doctor and Ethan in an attempt to reach the Boundary, encounter Ko Sharmas who was guarding the Boundary. Upon being shown the Boundary, they were greeted by the Spy Master (TV: Ascension of the Cybermen) who threatened Ryan, Ethan and Ko to force the Doctor to come with him.

Separated from the Doctor, Ryan and Ethan helped Ko defend the planet against the Cybermen. At one point, Ethan was apparently captured by the Cybermen and Ryan and Ko had to rescue him. However, it was revealed that it was a ruse, and that Yaz, Graham, Ravio, and Yedlarmi had emptied out Cyber-Suits and used them as a disguise.

After that, the group entered the Boundary and found the Doctor in the ruins of Gallifrey. There, Ryan was sent back, alongside Yaz, Graham, Ravio, and Yedlarmi, to 21st Century Earth, so the Doctor could apparently sacrifice herself to stop the CyberMasters with a death particle. He did not know that Ko Sharmus took the Doctor's place and presumed her dead. (TV: The Timeless Children)


Ten months after returning to Earth, Ryan and Graham found a video of Jack Robertson demonstrating new Defence Drones to the Prime Minister, which they realised were actually Daleks. They recruited Yaz to help them investigate, however got nowhere when Jack simply ignored their threats when they confronted him in Sheffield. As they pondered their next move, the Doctor returned along with Jack Harkness. She worked with them to defeat the Daleks, with Ryan and Graham helping her to confront Jack and taking him to a secret facility in Osaka that he claimed not to recognise, despite belonging to his company. En route to Osaka in the TARDIS, the Doctor and Ryan confided in each other, with him confessing he’d become happy on Earth in the last ten months and her revealing to him what had happened on Gallifrey. In Osaka, they discovered Dalek mutants who teleported to the Drone casings to begin their takeover of Earth. The Doctor summoned a Dalek Death Squad to eliminate them and tasked her friends with infiltrating their saucer with explosives once they’d taken care of the Defence Drone Daleks. They succeeded in planting explosives and escaped to the TARDIS in time.

Graham teaches Ryan how to ride a bike. (TV: Revolution of the Daleks)

Afterwards, Ryan declined the Doctor's offer of further adventures, feeling that he knew who he was and wanted to remain on Earth to help his friends and continue reconnecting with his father, prompting Graham to decide to stay as well. Ryan was still interested in investigating strange goings-on, with him and Graham now equipped with two sheets of psychic paper that the Doctor gave them as a parting gift. Graham once again tried to teach Ryan to ride a bicycle and they both saw a vision of Grace smiling at them. (TV: Revolution of the Daleks)

Later life[]

In 2022, both he and Graham were reported as missing, (AUDIO: SOS) due to a psychic virus infecting the Thirteenth Doctor and erasing people who had had contact with her. The Doctor and Cleo Proctor eventually restored the disappeared. (AUDIO: Salvation)

Psychological profile[]

Ryan had dyspraxia, a coordination disorder, which often frustrated him. Due to this condition, he struggled to ride a bike and lost his footing while climbing a ladder. (TV: The Woman Who Fell to Earth) He struggled in fights due to the condition, however Bruce Lee told him to use his weaknesses to complement his strengths and taught him some moves. (COMIC: The White Dragon)


When confronted by a deadly adversary, Ryan was willing to take up arms to defend himself, even showing excitement at being in a situation where he could use a gun. (TV: The Ghost Monument, Arachnids in the UK) Ryan tended to have a muddled recollection of history, even significant events; he thought Rosa Parks was famous for being the first black woman to drive a bus. However, he did know Martin Luther King Jr's history pretty well due to Grace being a fan of his. (TV: Rosa)

Ryan talks with his father. (TV: Resolution)

Despite his initial hesitance to accept Graham as his new grandfather, (TV: The Woman Who Fell to Earth) Ryan still viewed him as better family than his own father. (TV: Arachnids in the UK) Ryan grew close to Graham during their time on the TARDIS; eventually calling him granddad. (TV: It Takes You Away) It was during his travels, that Ryan gained a better understanding of family; he knew that no parent is perfect, but so long as they're there for their children, they're doing a good job. (TV: The Tsuranga Conundrum) Following his reunion with his father, (TV: Resolution) Ryan continued working on mending their relationship and told the Doctor that it was going well. (TV: Revolution of the Daleks)

When faced with racism, Ryan could keep his calm and not escalate situations; though he would respond with snarky comments to the intolerant people. (TV: Rosa)

Ryan had a stubborn streak when it came to his dyspraxia holding him back, even going as far as to throw his bike off a cliff when he continued to fall off it. (TV: The Woman Who Fell to Earth) He also gave up on leaning Martial arts when he couldn't get the moves right. (COMIC: The White Dragon) However, after his travels with the Doctor, Ryan had mellowed out to the point that he faced his difficulties in riding a bike with more determination. (TV: Revolution of the Daleks)

Ryan could be flirtatious and cheeky, teasing Yaz by asking for her sister's number, (TV: Spyfall) or flirting with Bella, (TV: Orphan 55) and Sandola Dell. (COMIC: Mistress of Chaos) At heart, though, Ryan was very close to his friends at home, especially Tibo; when Tibo admitted he was suffering mentally, Ryan encouraged him to seek help. In his later adventures, he also was worried about the impact his adventures were having on his life, feeling that he was living at a different rate to his friends. (TV: Can You Hear Me?)

Ryan had a fear of spiders and loved grime music. (TV: Arachnids in the UK) Ryan enjoyed films and had a particular interest in a series that featured the wizard Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings. His interest was so great that Graham took an interest in the films himself to connect with his grandson. (PROSE: Molten Heart) Bruce Lee was one of Ryan’s heroes, though he was disappointed when he proved useless in a fight alongside him. Bruce talked him round and taught him some moves, though their bond made Ryan frustrated that he could not warn Bruce that he only had a year to live due to a brain tumour without changing history. (COMIC: The White Dragon)

He was scared of heights. (TV: The Woman Who Fell to Earth) After seeing a devastated version of Earth, (TV: Orphan 55) Ryan continued to have nightmares where Earth was burning. (TV: Can You Hear Me?)

Habits and quirks[]

Ryan would feel an urge to push buttons, and often acted on it, (TV: The Woman Who Fell to Earth, Demons of the Punjab) even requesting to fiddle with the TARDIS control console, but respected the Doctor's denial to the request. (TV: The Ghost Monument)

After his unwillingness to listen to the Doctor nearly cost him his life, (TV: The Ghost Monument) Ryan obeyed any rules the Doctor set without question. (TV: Demons of the Punjab, The Witchfinders, It Takes You Away) He obeyed the Doctor's rule to never kill, something he successfully got Graham to conform to. (TV: The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos) As he always trusted the Doctor's ideas, Ryan would even tell other people that the Doctor was in charge (TV: Arachnids in the UK) and what she was thinking. (TV: The Witchfinders)


Ryan's studies as part of his NVQ meant that had some understanding of mechanical engineering. He was able to fix a solar powered boat, enabling the group to navigate the waters of Desolation. His qualification also meant he knew basic facts about acetylene. (TV: The Ghost Monument) Ryan loved cars and had aspirations of becoming a mechanic. After joining the Doctor, his mechanical interest grew into a curiosity about the inner mechanisms of the TARDIS engine and he frequently questioned her about her ship. Ryan was also fascinated by the Doctor's sonic screwdriver and carefully studied her use of it to understand how it functioned. (PROSE: The Secret in Vault 13)

He proved to be a perceptive individual, being the first the realise that Charlie Duffy was connected to the disappearances at Kerb!am due to his reaction to Kira Arlo's death, (TV: Kerblam!) quickly deducing the true reason why Erik had left Hanne, (TV: It Takes You Away) and was quick to realise that the Doctor was keeping her true feelings about her discoveries on Gallifrey from him. (TV: Revolution of the Daleks)

Ryan was skilled with social media. He had his own YouTube account called RyanS and chose to search Twitter when asked by the Doctor to look for any unusual recent events. (TV: The Woman Who Fell to Earth)

His experiences as a warehouse worker proved essential to the team's investigations at the Kerb!am warehouse on Kandoka's moon. (TV: Kerblam!)

Ryan expressed that he had no skills working with children, but after initial conflict, developed a close bond with Hanne, who gave him a tight hug before they departed. (TV: It Takes You Away)

Behind the scenes[]