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Rufus Hound (born 6 March 1979[1]) portrayed a unique incarnation of the Meddling Monk in a number of licensed Big Finish audio stories.

In 2013, he was interviewed on Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor and was an audience member on The Science of Doctor Who. He later appeared as Sam Swift in the Doctor Who television story The Woman Who Lived.

Hound also served as the narrator for the series 9 instalments of Doctor Who Extra, several other featurettes produced for the Complete Ninth Series DVD/Blu-ray set, and he also appeared on camera to host the featurette "Ten Christmases" produced for a 2015 DVD box set collecting the 2005 to 2014 Christmas specials.

During the production of The Woman Who Lived, Hound - like his co-star, Maisie Williams - recorded impromptu interviews and behind the scenes footage on his smartphone which was later uploaded by the BBC under the title #rufuscam. One example of this was later released on the Series 9 DVD/Blu-ray set as part of the Sublime Online package.

As a self-confessed fan, he claims to have a Dalek tattoo[2][3] and contributed to the charity reference book Behind the Sofa: Celebrity Memories of Doctor Who.



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