Roslyn Sarah Forrester (usually known as Roslyn Inyathi Forrester or just Roz Forrester) was an Adjudicator-turned-companion of the Seventh Doctor.

Biography Edit

Roz was born in 2935 to an aristocratic family. With her Adjudicator partner Chris Cwej, Roz was on the police force of 30th century Earth, at that time divided into the Overcity and the Undercity.

Chris and she were investigating a murder case in Undercity in 2975 when they encountered the Seventh Doctor and Bernice Summerfield. They helped the Doctor defeat his old enemy Tobias Vaughn. (PROSE: Original Sin)

While in 1940s Britain during World War II, Roz had a romantic relationship with a lieutenant in the British Army named George Reed. He proposed to her, but she decided not to stay with him. She kept the engagement ring. (PROSE: Just War)

She helped the Doctor in his investigations on Scientifica and met Adric. Later she, tried to get into the scientific pyramid, but couldn't get in there initially. Chris devised a way to get her in there and she rescued Adric by accident. She started the ignition system for the Machine. (PROSE: Cold Fusion)

Roz and Chris joined the Doctor and Bernice after seeing the corruption and manipulation rife on Earth in their time. She thought something was wrong with Gabriel Tyler when she saw him a black whilst his mother Winnie Tyler was white. She knocked out Mr Thomas when he arrived at the Tylers' flat. She worked out that Gabriel and Steven Jericho's psychic distress had called the N-Form. She was asked to stop Eva Jericho was removing Steven from the hospital, but was knocked out and arrived on time to see Steve die in the hands of Gabriel. (PROSE: Damaged Goods)

Roz died in battle in 2982. She was buried in the Umtata Reclamation Zone on 1 September, a bright and sunny day. (PROSE: So Vile a Sin)

Her clan name was Inyathi, which was iXhosa for buffalo. (PROSE: The Also People)

She went with the Doctor to the Quadrant in London in 1987 for a narcotics investigation. (PROSE: Damaged Goods)

Personality Edit

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Roz armed with her gun. (AUDIO: Cold Fusion)

Roz distrusted telepaths. She was very protective of her privacy. (PROSE: Sleepy)

She did not trust the Fifth Doctor when she met him, as she felt the fact that he seemed so trustworthy was suspicious. (PROSE: Cold Fusion)

Skills Edit

Roz could speak some Swahili and Xhosa. (PROSE: The Also People)

Behind the scenes Edit

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