Roy Skelton (20 July 1931-8 June 2011[1]) performed voice work for several Doctor Who television stories and appeared on-screen in five of them. He is particularly known for performing Dalek voices.

Outside of Doctor Who, Skelton is also known as the voices of the puppet characters Zippy and George on the ITV children's programme Rainbow and in a cameo on Ashes to Ashes. His predecessor in the role of Zippy was fellow Dalek voice actor Peter Hawkins. For the role of Chedaki in The Android Invasion, Skelton used a variation on his "Zippy" voice.

He was originally offered the role of Davros in Genesis of the Daleks, but turned it down. It eventually went to Michael Wisher. (INFO: Planet of the Daleks)

Skelton's granddaughter, Abra Thompson, went on to become a Big Finish voice actor after his death. (BFX: Time War: Volume Two)



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