Roy (AUDIO: Eye of the Storm) was a member of the Committee. He inhabited an aged human body at a care home on Cathedral Road. (AUDIO: Ghost Mission)

Roy suggested a soft restoration for Earth, but it was decided that it would receive a total relaunch. He once watched Jack Harkness and Ianto Jones with their dog, Untitled. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)

He was handed Object 1 by Norton Folgate after Andy Davidson found it in a crashed spaceship. (AUDIO: Ghost Mission) St John Colchester once went to the care home to get answers about the Committee, but Roy did not give any. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)

He sent Yvonne Hartman to recover Evolved technology that God had stolen, not realising that she had switched bodies with Andy. (AUDIO: Another Man's Shoes) God spoke to him and offered him tea, posing as a nurse. However, he knew who she was and they spoke openly when the other old people went to bingo. They were hit by the tsunami. (AUDIO: Eye of the Storm)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Warner was credited as "OAP" in Ghost Mission and "The Committee" in his other appearances. The name "Roy" was spoken by God in Eye of the Storm.
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