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Rowan Sebastian Atkinson, CBE (born 6 January 1955[1]) played the Ninth Doctor in The Curse of Fatal Death, a comedy special produced by the BBC for Comic Relief. He also wrote a tie-in story, Who's After Your Cash.

He was considered for the role of the Eighth Doctor in the 1996 TV movie.[2] He was also considered by Big Finish Productions to reprise his role as the Doctor for their audio dramas.[3] However, evidently, this did not come to pass.


Originally a stage comic known for his work in productions such as the Secret Policeman's Ball, Atkinson is best known for creating and starring in two iconic UK TV series Mr. Bean and Blackadder, which he co-created with Richard Curtis and which featured appearances by many Doctor Who alumni.

Film roles include the James Bond film Never Say Never Again and the Bond spoofs Johnny English and Johnny English Reborn. Atkinson also starred in the police comedy The Thin Blue Line with Mina Anwar.

In the Mr. Bean Christmas episode, Merry Christmas Mr. Bean, a reference to Doctor Who was present: while playing with a Nativity scene in a toy store, at one point, he plays with a toy Dalek, which then kills off a sheep and later also a dinosaur. Mr. Bean also says the Daleks' catchphrase: "Exterminate" and "Hahahaha!" in a Dalek voice, while playing with the Dalek.

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