Dr Rossi was an Italian scientist in the 1970s. When a space probe brought back samples of dust from the planet Sequiz, he was brought in by UNIT to study the samples in a lab based in Black Peak. When he exposed the dust to ultraviolet light, it began moving by itself, emitting a high-pitched, singing noise and forming into a distinct shape. Dr Rossi was very excited, but the Brigadier, recognising the potential danger, shut down the experiment until he could bring in the Third Doctor. Before the Doctor could arrive, agents of a foreign power broke into the lab, abducted Dr Rossi and stole the sample, taking them to their base in the far north so he could continue his experiments. The Doctor and the Brigadier tracked them down, but Rossi activated his ultraviolet machine to full power, enabling the dust to reach its final, monstrous shape. The Doctor saved Rossi's life when he battled the creature, forcing it to go back to Sequiz. (PROSE: Caught in the Web)