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In a parallel universe, Colonel Ross Brimmicombe-Wood was the leader of UNIT, following a disgraced Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart who'd retired from UNIT following a number of disasters. Even though he was a serving officer in UNIT, he didn't believe Lethbridge-Stewart's accounts of aliens, dinosaurs, and time travel because there was no evidence of it - instead viewing the man with contempt.

On 30 June 1997, he led a team to Hong Kong to retrieve Ke Le. He resented the mission and showed nonchalance towards civilians who were distraught. He didn't care about the sanctity of the local monastery which he took over as his HQ. (AUDIO: Sympathy for the Devil)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • He was originally Colonel Singh, an English Sikh, but Jonathan Clements decided "a double-barrelled name was more appropriate - to accentuate the fact that he was the antagonist of the Brigadier, just as the Doctor is constantly at odds with the Master". He was made Scottish after Tennant was cast.[1]
  • An alternate version of Ross Brimmicombe-Wood appears in the UNIT audio series. That version turns out to be a traitor for the Internal Counter-Intelligence Service, playing off the fact the audience already knew him to be a loyal soldier.

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