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Rosita Farisi (PROSE: "I Am Glad It Was You...") was the companion of Jackson Lake.

In December 1851, Rosita was saved from the Cybermen by Jackson Lake, a man who believed himself to be the Doctor. They heard about people going missing and decided to investigate. She first met the real Tenth Doctor on 24 December when a Cybershade was caught in a building. Rosita saved Lake and the Doctor from almost dying. She later told the Doctor about everything that was going on. The Doctor explained to her and the "Doctor" what had happened. While Jackson Lake was coping with the restoration of his memory, Rosita went with the Doctor and even punched Miss Hartigan in the face when Rosita found out what she was going to do. Rosita saved the orphan children who lived at the work house, forced to work the mechanics of the CyberKing. After the Doctor went away she went to live with Jackson Lake and his son, Jackson musing that he would need a nurse after the death of his wife and Rosita was an exceptional candidate.


Rosita was a feisty, bold, brave and outspoken woman, to the point of punching Miss Hartigan in the face for insulting her. She always voiced her opinion on a subject and detested being thought of as inferior because of her gender or low position in Victorian society. Rosita often acted as Jackson Lake’s voice of reason when believed he was the Doctor and would scold him when he would act without thinking, such as when he nearly got himself killed chasing a Cybershade.

While she admitted she was afraid the first time she encountered a Cyberman, she later successfully fought and defeated several of them to free the children they had captured, not hesitating to throw herself into a dangerous situation in order to save innocent lives.

Rosita also possessed a compassionate side, displayed when she comforted Jackson Lake during emotional moments and how she looked out for the children including when she helped them escape the Cybermen. (TV: The Next Doctor)

Behind the scenes[]

  • Rosita is not a companion of the Tenth Doctor, but rather a companion of Jackson Lake, who believed himself to be the Doctor. Nonetheless some media and references list her as a one-off companion of the Doctor's.
  • According to a Digital Spy interview with Velile Tshabalala, Rosita was a prostitute before meeting Jackson Lake. This is hinted at in the episode when Rosita and the Doctor confront Miss Hartigan and she replies to her by saying, "You can be quiet; I doubt he paid you to talk".
  • Her second name is never revealed in the episode but is given as Farisi in the reference book Doctor Who: Companions and Allies. It should be noted, however, that some information in this book is disputed (such as the title of the Children in Need Special).
  • Rosita's name means "little rose".