Rory Williams was a "sort of" boyfriend and eventually fiancé of Amy Pond who became a brief companion of the Eleventh Doctor but later died and was removed from time after being absorbed by the Time Field.


Early Life

Rory was a childhood friend of Amelia Pond. He was privy to her tales of the "raggedy Doctor", and an unwilling participant in the dress-up games she based around her stories.

Meeting the Doctor

File:Rory and Amelia.png

First Meeting

Later in life, Rory became a nurse at Royal Leadworth Hospital, and entered into a romantic relationship with Amelia (now calling herself "Amy"). In his position as a nurse, Rory encountered strange goings-on at the Hospital's coma ward, hearing the patients chanting "Doctor", and witnessing what looked like some of them walking out in town. Rory later encountered the Doctor himself, and was quite surprised to find out he was real, and not a figment of Amy's imagination. Rory witnessed the Doctor defeat Prisoner Zero and warn the Atraxi away from Earth. (DW: The Eleventh Hour) Following the incident, Rory began to read up on scientific theories, such that he could deduce the reason why the TARDIS was "bigger on the inside" (much to the Doctor's annoyance). (DW: The Vampires of Venice) He later got engaged to Amy. (DW: Flesh and Stone)

Joining the Doctor


After having his stag party crashed by the Doctor, Rory and Amy were taken on a "romantic break" to Venice. While on their break they encountered the Saturnynians, a race of alien fish who had taken human form in order to repopulate their species after having escaped through the Time Field to escape the 'silence'. While at first he was hesitant and outright scornful of how the Doctor lived, he soon came to change his views, something remarked upon irritatedly by the Doctor at first. While they were in Venice, Rory agreed to continue travelling with the Doctor after Amy asked him to do so. The Doctor whole heartedly agreed and the three entered the TARDIS.(DW: The Vampires of Venice)


After spending some time aboard the TARDIS traveling with the Doctor and Amy, Rory fell victim to the same Psychic Pollen that ensnared his companions in two shared dreams,
one in which the powerless TARDIS was on a collision course with a bizarre cold sun and one in which the Doctor was visiting Rory and Amy, married and settled in Upper Leadworth while expecting their first child. In both, he was the subject of some verbal abuse by the Dream Lord, a manifestation of the Doctor's darker nature, who referred to him as a "bumbling country doctor" and mocked him as a lesser rival to the Doctor for Amy's devotion. The Dream Lord demanded that Rory, the Doctor, and Amy—particularly the latter—choose which scenario was real, suggesting they should allow themselves to succumb to the "deadly danger" in the scenario they believed to be a dream. While Rory favored the Leadworth dream, expressing satisfaction with his job as a doctor and his marriage to a pregnant Amy, the Doctor believed the TARDIS dream to be reality and Amy was unsure. Although Rory's sense of unreality mounted after a number of elderly men and women in his care, secretly Ecnodeen inhabiting human bodies, murdered a
class of schoolchildren and began pursuing the Doctor and his former companions through the town of Leadworth, he remained convinced that the cold star in the TARDIS dream could not exist—as well as unnerved by the prospect of abandoning five years of his life he believed he had spent in Leadworth with Amy, becoming a doctor and preparing for fatherhood. Rory and Amy were pursued to the upper floor of their house in the Leadworth dream by the marauding Ecnodeen. Amy's consciousness lingered in the TARDIS dream due to the Dream Lord's machinations, forcing Rory to haul her bodily up the stairs. After she awoke, Rory took a pair of scissors and snipped off a ponytail he had grown in the Leadworth dream, much to his dream wife's dismay. Shortly after the Doctor arrived through a window, claiming he was now unsure about the TARDIS dream being reality, an Ecnodeen in the body of Mrs Poggit followed suit. When Rory advanced on "Mrs Poggit", the Ecnodeen breathed a deadly vapour onto him that caused his body to disintegrate. His last words to Amy in the Leadworth dream were, "Look after our baby."

Fortunately for all three of the time-travelers, Amy did not heed Rory's advice. Now convinced the Leadworth dream was either a hallucination or a reality she did not want to live in, she "killed" herself and the Doctor by smashing their van into the front of the home she shared with Rory. All three awoke in the freezing TARDIS, where the Dream Lord apparently conceded defeat and restored power to the time machine before vanishing. The Doctor was not taken in by his darker shade's show of magnanimity, though, and decided to blow up the TARDIS after concluding that both scenarios were dreams.

Back in reality, inside the TARDIS, Rory asked how the Leadworth dream ended, having apparently lost his memory of dream's final moments. Amy told him how she ended it and admitted she drove the van into the house not knowing for sure whether it was in fact a dream. Overwhelmed by the implication that Amy realized she couldn't live without him, Rory kissed her passionately. When the Doctor asked where he wanted to travel next, Rory demurred, saying it was "Amy's choice". (DW: Amy's Choice)

File:Rory and Ambrose.png

Rory was disappointed when the TARDIS took the time-travelers to Cwmtaff, Wales, in the year 2020 instead of Rio de Janeiro. When it became clear the Doctor intended to have an adventure in the tiny mining town, Rory collected Amy's engagement ring, fretting she might lose it. He placed it in a red ring box and put it on the TARDIS console. By the time he emerged from the time machine, Amy and the Doctor had left, and he was summarily accosted by Ambrose Northover and her son Elliot, who believed him to be a plainclothes detective sent to investigate the disappearance of bodies from the Cwmtaff graveyard. Rory was unnerved by the disappearances, which appeared to occur despite the ground above the graves being undisturbed. When Rory rejoined the Doctor, the Time Lord was preoccupied with the appearance of an energy barrier around the village and the impending arrival of a group of unknown attackers from below the ground. Rory was incensed to find Amy missing, and shouted in frustration at the Doctor when he admitted he had been unable to save her from being pulled underground. Rory eventually calmed down and cooperated with the Doctor to trap a Silurian warrior named Alaya, the apparent leader of the group that kidnapped Amy, in a Meals on Wheels van. When the Doctor left Alaya in the custody of Rory, Ambrose, and Ambrose's father Tony Mack, he warned them nobody could die in this encounter without sparking a bloody war between the Silurian civilization and humankind. Alaya goaded her captors, though, announcing she knew which of the three humans would kill her and ignite the war. Rory was unnerved but defiant, and he led the other two out of the basement in which the Silurian was held. (DW: The Hungry Earth)



Rory eventually made it down into the Silurians' lair, where all the other victims had been taken. Up in the church, Ambrose killed the captured Silurian Alaya in anger, as it had poisoned her father with her venom. He went down with Ambrose and Tony. Upon seeing this, Alaya's sister Restac got angry and began a tirade, attacking all humans that got in her way. Rory, Amy and the Doctor made it to the TARDIS after the Silurian scientists filled the caves with poison gas to make the Silurians hibernate. They noticed a crack in the wall, the same as the one on Amy's bedroom wall. Then Restac crawled through into the room and shot at the Doctor. Rory pushed him out of the way of the beam and was hit fatally instead of him. The mysterious Time Field crack then absorbed and erased him, removing his entire life from existence and making Amy forget about him, having been a major part of her personal timeline. (DW: Cold Blood)

Post Death

After his death and erasure, the Doctor felt guilty and took Amy to several places she wished. When with Vincent van Gogh and Amy, the Doctor calls them Rory and Amy, to which Amy asks "Who?". However, while she consciously held no memory of Rory, van Gogh sensed that she was grieving over a loss. (DW: Vincent and the Doctor)

While in the TARDIS, Amy found Rory's ring in the Doctor's jacket pocket. (DW: The Lodger)


Rory appears somewhat timid in his first encounter with the Doctor. He is easily intimidated by Dr Ramsden and is unsettled by the ensuing events caused by the Doctor and Prisoner Zero. Despite this, he does have the presence of mind to record evidence in order to prove that his patients are appearing outside the hospital. He also assists Amy in attempting to clear the hospital of patients before Prisoner Zero can exploit them (DW: The Eleventh Hour). During the events in Venice, Rory was unnerved that the Doctor actually wanted to get back into the Saturnynian stronghold. However, he was capable of bravery, as shown when he challenged Francesco in order to protect Amy (DW: The Vampires of Venice), and later when he took a lethal Silurian energy beam meant for the Doctor (DW: Cold Blood). It is also notable that when he saw Francesco had attacked a girl, his immediate reaction was to check the girl was alright. (DW: The Vampires of Venice)

Mickey comparison

Rory is comparable in some ways with the Tenth Doctor's companion, Mickey Smith. Rory, like Mickey, is the boyfriend of the main companion, and is present at the companion's initial meeting with the Doctor, getting left behind when the companion (Amy Pond or Rose Tyler respectively) leaves with The Doctor to go travelling. Through their similar personalities and initial antagonism towards The Doctor, they're both often used for comic relief.

The number of appearances as companion seem to be identical, as both Mickey and Rory, after the episode in which they joined The Doctor, had two on-screen adventures (the second one being a two-part story in both instances) before leaving the TARDIS in way that they can seemingly never return (in Rory's case, dying and being erased from time and Mickey being left in a sealed-off parallel dimension), only to rejoin the Doctor for the series finale (as Rory is, currently, heavily rumoured to do).

Key Life Events

Due to being erased from history by a Time Field, none of the above events involving Rory happened.

Behind the scenes

  • In a deleted scene from The Hungry Earth, the Doctor admits to Amy that he likes Rory, a lot.
  • It should be noted that in every episode with Rory (except DW: The Eleventh Hour) he is seen wearing a winter vest for most of the episode.
  • Rory's death is very similar in nature to Jenny's (DW: The Doctor's Daughter). In both cases they died taking a shot intended for the Doctor, and in both cases the shooter was a violent member of a race that the Doctor had helped bring peace to. (Cobb and Restac respectively.)
  • Spoilerists reveal that Rory is returning in (DW:The Pandorica Opens / The Big Bang) as a Roman Soldier, as currently withheld pictures for the finale dipict him in Roman armor.

Nametag Controversy

Rory's ID

Rory's troublesome ID badge

The question of Rory's "home" time period is one that baffled fans in the aftermath of the broadcast of The Eleventh Hour. This was largely fueled by an image of Rory's Royal Leadworth Hospital identification badge, that was given an extreme closeup in the episode. This closeup plainly shows the badge to have been issued on 30th November 1990, which would seem implausible given the presence of various bits of technology in the episode, such as laptop computers and the named 2008 Blackberry phone. The existence of Facebook, Bebo, and Twitter were also mentioned, the phone had Facebook. So perplexing was this badge ID that Steven Moffat was specifically asked about it in New York by an American fan on 13th April 2010. His response was recorded and released in the podcast, Meet the Filmmaker:

I have never actually looked at Rory's name tag to be completely honest with you . . . it's not a signficant plot thing.Steven Moffat at the SoHo Apple Store
Though it seemed a genuine, spontaneous answer, Moffat had earlier enthusiastically extolled the virtues of lying to the public and press about the content of Doctor Who, in a question-and-answer session following the New York theatrical screening of The Eleventh Hour. In any event, judging by the technology in existence at the time of the Atraxi incident, it seems unlikely that the 1990 date on the name tag could be genuine. But adding fuel to the fire, 1990s cars were seen, but so were cars said to be of a 2005+ period. Flesh and Stone later had the Doctor remark that June 25th/26th 2010 was "Amy's time", meaning that the 1990 date was an error.

However, in the same latter episode, the clock in Amy's bedroom jumped from 11:59am June 25th to 12pm June 26th, one entire day missed in one second - and it was night time outside. In the episode Amy's Choice, Leadworth was refered to as "the village that time forgot," these things all together causing many fan theories that something has gone wrong with Leadworth involving time itself.

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