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Rory's Story was a webcast that was made specifically for the Doctor Who: Lockdown! event, to coincide with the global online rewatch of The Doctor's Wife.

In the short, Rory Williams records a video message for him and Amy's son Anthony Williams, a character who was previously depicted in the non-valid webcast P.S.. As a result, this short officially establishes Anthony as an in-universe character.

Plot Edit

Rory is in his home in 1946, recording on "the only working smart phone in the world" to his future adopted son Anthony, who he will meet in about a week. He has apparently been logging stories about him and Amy and their adventures with the Eleventh Doctor. After admitting that he is not a writer (his wife is) he proceeds to recount the stories that he has already recorded and hopes to inform Anthony on at some point. He is about to enter the next chapter entitled "I'm the Pretty One", when Amy calls for him to come and help paint the baby's room, to which he hurriedly does so, so as not to earn Amy's ire.

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(Based on a theme by Murray Gold)

References Edit

  • In 1946, World War II has finally ended.
  • Rory records himself on "the only working smartphone in the world" in 1946.
  • Rory introduces the "next chapter" in a series of past adventures he's recounting, via smartphone, for his son Anthony to watch. He calls this particular story "I'm the Pretty One".
  • Amy demands that Rory help her paint the baby's room, in preparation for Anthony.

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