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Rory's Story was a Doctor Who Adventures comic strip.

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While the Eleventh Doctor busies himself making proper ice cream for the travellers inside the TARDIS, Rory is sent off to fetch some milk. It's not a straightforward task. The local supermarket is being terrorised by a giant, green, one eyed alien. When Rory returns to the TARDIS for help, the Doctor is too busy to help Rory “get a pint of milk on his own” so Rory returns to the supermarket alone.

When Rory politely asks the alien to go home, he is captured. He successfully passes himself off as the Doctor (known as "the scourge of a thousand worlds"). Convinced by the sight of the TARDIS across the street, believing a whisk to be the sonic screwdriver and recognising "silly clothes" and "talk of a load of nonsense" — the alien is fearful and quickly leaves when Rory tells him to. Rory the hero returns to the TARDIS with the milk and a much needed part of the Doctor's project — the whisk.

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Notes Edit

  • The DWA comic strip adventures were aimed at a younger audience and the artwork and colours were bold and bright, reflecting the tone of the magazine.
  • Self contained, one part stories were the norm.
  • This comic is about Rory Williams, with the Doctor and Amy only appearing in the TARDIS at the beginning and end of the comic.

Original print details Edit

  • Publication with page count and closing captions
  • No reprints to date.

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