Senior Researcher Ronson was the first living being killed by a Dalek.

A Kaled scientist who worked at the bunker underneath the Kaled Dome, he was a member of the Scientific Elite who worked for Davros in the final years of the Thousand Year War.

When Davros attempted to have a Dalek test its gunstick on the Fourth Doctor and Harry Sullivan, Ronson interceded, claiming he wished to interrogate them. Davros demanded he be punished for insubordination, after he had finished his questions.

During the subsequent interrogation, he revealed to the time travellers that he was opposed to the creation of the Daleks. He thought that Davros had deliberately withheld a conscience from his new creations, and that Daleks were totally "evil". He then helped the Doctor and Harry escape captivity, giving them a list of government officials who might be able to help them shut down Davros' Dalek project.

Shortly thereafter, Davros, realising what he had done, branded Ronson a traitor and ordered his Daleks to kill him. The extermination happened swiftly, and the test of that earliest gunstick was completed to Davros' satisfaction. (TV: Genesis of the Daleks)

Behind the scenes Edit

Ronson is the first victim of the Daleks in Doctor Who's narrative timeline. However, the first person killed in the first Dalek adventure to be broadcast was Temmosus.

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