Ronald Turvey invented the Cuddlesome toys in the 1980s as part of a perverse plan to kill all adults on Earth.

Mocked and teased and called by degrading nicknames for his childish demeanour, Turvey grew to hate the other young adults around him at university where he studied biochemistry, all the more so after a group of other students broke into his room and "killed" his favourite teddy bear "Mr Cuddles", and he swore revenge upon every adult in the world. A travelling telepathic alien parasite, called the Tinghus, discovered Turvey and posed as the ghost of Mr. Cuddles, using Turvey's self-loathing and obsession to grow.

Based in Shoreham, Sussex, during the 1980s, Turvey founded TurveyCo and started an immensely popular line of novelty toys called Cuddlesomes. The Cuddlesomes could recognise the names of their owners and spread a virus which would only kill adults. He never activated the toys before his arrest on unrelated charges of tax fraud. Turvey spent three years in jail where he proved he had reformed by writing children's books.

From their home base in the Pleasure Palace (located in an abandoned factory for Cuddlesome toys), Turvey and the Tinghus worked together. The latter had a parasitic telepathic relationship with him; the human's death would mean his own. It set about replacing the Mark I Cuddlesomes with Mark IIs and started a campaign of destruction against Turvey's originals. Turvey felt that he must stop it, not out of concern for adult humans, but because he cared so much about his original Cuddlesome toys. Turvey decided to end his own life to destroy the Tinghus. (AUDIO: Cuddlesome)

Behind the scenes[]

Ronald originally appeared in the Audio Visuals story of the same name, voiced by Michael Wisher.