Rona Munro wrote the Doctor Who stories Survival and The Eaters of Light, making her the first (and only) writer of stories for both the classic 1963-1989 series of Doctor Who and the 2005 revived series. She also novelised Survival for the Target range.

Patrick Troughton's Second Doctor was both the first Doctor Munro "really loved" and her favourite. As a child, the tetchiness and grumpiness of William Hartnell's First Doctor "frightened" her. She didn't like Jon Pertwee's Third Doctor as much as Troughton, although she admits Pertwee did the kind of Doctor he was playing "superbly". Tom Baker's Fourth Doctor was described as "another of [her] favourites". (DWM 476)

Contributions to the mythos Edit

  • Cheetah People, including the concept of the Master becoming one of them, which would be subtly referenced in the 1996 TV movie.
  • Final serial of the original series (although script editor Andrew Cartmel is credited with writing the serial's closing monologue)

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