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Ronald "Ron" Winters was a resident of 107 Baker Street.


Early life[]

In 1963, Ron appeared on Opportunity Knocks where he played the spoons and did not win. (AUDIO: Must-See TV) He served as a soldier at UNIT under Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart in the 1970s and was among the UNIT troops sent to Yorkshire to deal with the Rivers of Light. The Brigadier ordered him and Privates Millar and Cooper to put a cordon around Gemma when she appeared to be conducting the strange lightning. (AUDIO: Rivers of Light)

Whilst at UNIT, Ron met Tony Clare. At one point they became caught in a time loop caused by an escaped Ogron activating a broken time machine. After numerous iterations of the loop, with Ron dying in one of them, the Eighth Doctor resolved the loop and released them. Andy Davidson then told Ron to ask Tony out. (AUDIO: UNIT Dating)

Life on Baker Street[]

By 2020, Ron and Tony were married and living in a flat at 107 Baker Street. Ron worked part-time at Midge's lost property office near the Baker Street tube station. The couple often argued with Aisha and Zakia Akhtar, but tensions died down before being briefly reignited by the Pandora Bolt weeks after the Eighth Doctor, Liv Chenka and Helen Sinclair moved in. (AUDIO: Lost Property)

Ron and Tony had Mr Bird fix their washing machine and the Doctor fix their television, in which the Doctor found extraterrestrial surveillance. Without the television, Ron tried to teach Tony how to dance, without much success. (AUDIO: Must-See TV)

Ron and Tony heard Liv and Helen celebrating the Doctor winning You Either Know It or You Don't and said that he deserved it given the circumstances, the details of which they could not yet tell the Doctor, Liv and Helen. They both went to Wakefield's with the rest of the house and left in a taxi after two Rarkelians, Bourakai and Teeja, attacked. (AUDIO: Divine Intervention) Ron and Tony returned to 107 Baker Street and wondered if they should reveal their pasts and what the Brigadier would have made of this. (AUDIO: Dead Time)

After Tony began struggling with his memories, Ron asked Helen to get Liv’s help. They realised Tony’s memories were being affected by the Doctor being in the past. (AUDIO: UNIT Dating)


Ron enjoyed Kenneth More films, (AUDIO: Lost Property) dancing and watching Antiques Roadshow and Strictly Come Dancing, although he had to force Tony to watch the latter. (AUDIO: Must-See TV)