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Romania was a nation in eastern Europe. Parts of it had been formerly known as Transylvania.


The Principality of Wallachia, which would be part of Romania by the 1980s, was ruled by Vlad the Great, Dracula. and Radu. It was involved in conflict with the Ottoman Empire during Dracula's reign. (AUDIO: Son of the Dragon)

During World War II, Romania was invaded. (PROSE: Just War)

In 1942, a squadron of Soviet soldiers was sent into Nazi-controlled Romania. All but one man were killed by the Haemovores. (TV: The Curse of Fenric)

While making the 1976 portmanteau film Doctor Demonic's Tales of Terror, Nyssa claimed to be from Tardis. Sir Jack Merrivale believed that it was in Romania. (AUDIO: Special Features)

In 2002, Sarah Jane Smith and Josh Townsend visited a remote Romanian village where an international peace conference was being held. (AUDIO: Ghost Town)

After being accidentally transported from 29,185 BC to Bromley in 2006, the Neanderthal Das adopted the name "Das Dimitru" and claimed to be from Romania. (PROSE: Only Human)

In 2015, the Seventh Doctor, Sally Morgan and Lysandra Aristedes fought Derleth in Romania. (AUDIO: Project: Nirvana)