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Romance was the feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.

River Song once declared her belief that the Doctor was above the capacity for romance, although the Twelfth Doctor disputed it. (TV: The Husbands of River Song) The Thirteenth Doctor was unsure if she was in a relationship with Yasmin Khan, when questioned. (TV: Arachnids in the UK) The Tenth Doctor fell in love with Rose Tyler during their travels, but was never able to tell her. (TV: Doomsday) He later gave her the Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor, who was essentially a clone of him with a human lifespan, so that in some way they could be together. (TV: Journey's End)

The Twelfth Doctor gave his opinion on romance once to Rani Jhulka, who was shocked he was so indifferent that she was a lesbian. He stated "Man loves woman. Man loves man. Woman loves woman. It's people hating that upsets me." (COMIC: The Swords of Kali)

Bill Potts told the Twelfth Doctor about Heather, the sentient oil girl, coming back for her, to which the Doctor noted: "how romantic". (TV: Twice Upon a Time)

Unusually for a Sontaran, Stonn was involved in a physical and romantic relationship with the human Tom Foster. Stonn referred to him affectionately as "my man". Tom wished to marry him. (AUDIO: A Photograph to Remember)

The Thirteenth Doctor stated that she was "a romantic". (TV: Praxeus)

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