After her regeneration, Romana continued to travel with the Doctor for a time until she decided to stay in E-Space after the TARDIS had accidentally fallen into it, and had adventures during their quest to find a way back to their home universe. She later returned to her home universe and rose to the office of Lady President of the High Council of Gallifrey.

Biography Edit

Regeneration Edit

After enduring being tortured by the Shadow (AUDIO: Lies) and the strain of the Key to Time being absorbed into her, (AUDIO: The Chaos Pool) as well as subtle damage caused by chronodyne, (PROSE: The Lying Old Witch in the Wardrobe) Romana I began to regenerate. The Fourth Doctor witnessed her "trying out" several bodies before she settled on a form identical to the form of Princess Astra, which she had thought "looked very good" on Astra. (TV: Destiny of the Daleks)

According to one account, however, Romana was trapped in the TARDIS wardrobe by the Doctor's TARDIS when she began to regenerate. The TARDIS did this so it could assume her new form to play a joke on the Doctor. After settling on a form identical to Princess Astra, the TARDIS had an adventure with the Doctor that involved Davros and the Daleks. The TARDIS then helped Romana complete her regeneration into Astra's form. (PROSE: The Lying Old Witch in the Wardrobe)

Romana could not remember the exact details of her regeneration, (AUDIO: The Chaos Pool, Lies) believing that she had regenerated for the fun of it. (PROSE: City of Death)

Travels Edit

Romana went to Paris in 1979 where she and the Doctor stopped Scaroth from preventing the evolution of humanity. She enjoyed the trip to Paris before they encountered Scaroth and became embroiled in his plan to use the Mona Lisa and copies of the painting to fund his time travel experiments. She helped provide Scaroth with a piece of time travel technology that would allow him to travel back to change history completely. After she learnt of her mistake, she helped the Doctor stop Scaroth. (TV: City of Death)

'top the tower

The Doctor and Romana talk with Duggan on the top of the Eiffel Tower. (TV: City of Death)

On Chloris, she was captured by a party of bandits. Romana became involved with Lady Adrasta's plans to kill the Tythonian ambassador Erato when she made the mistake of showing what K9 could do. (TV: The Creature from the Pit)

During a game of monopoly, she noticed that the TARDIS had landed. On leaving the TARDIS, she saw that she was on the edge of a simulated gravity field, learning it was the Rock of Judgement the prison asteroid of the Uva Beta Uva system. Joining in with Frank Spiggot's investigation on the prison, she became involved in the complex scheme that the executed Xais used to resurrect herself and take control of a store of helicon on a mining planet. She discovered this was through Menlove Stokes' death mask of Xias. When Margo, the person that Xais used, died the station manager forced the mask on Romana. She managed to overcome the possession in time, due to being a Time Lord, to help the Doctor stop Xias. (PROSE: The Romance of Crime)

Realising that the Doctor had bypassed the Randomiser in order to return some overdue library books, she became cross with him as she was worried that the Black Guardian would be able to find them. Upon landing, she realised that there were time warmed chronons in the atmosphere and went to locate the source. Following the readings through London, she met with Percy Closed who told her about his club of people from the future. Thinking that she was going to arrest him, he sent her on a fool's errand to Nutchurch. Here, she discovered the time corridor that they used and that there was something was blocking the corridor, which was the spaceship of Zodaal. She was then told by Zodaal that because of how he had split himself to escape he would stop the other half from destroying the world. This was a ruse, and she accidentally accelerated Zodaal's plan and gave him secrets of Gallifreyan time travel in the process. (PROSE: The English Way of Death)

When two spaceships, the Empress and the Hecate, collided, she helped separate them. She also helped to uncover a drug smuggling plot involving the lethal drug vraxoin, via Tryst's Continuous Event Transmuter and the Mandrels it contained. (TV: Nightmare of Eden)

The Doctor and Romana landed on the Myriad that was looking for the Doctor. The Doctor told her that the ship was in the constellation of Kasterborous, which she was delighted at but she had by this time decided that she didn't want to go back to Gallifrey. She was fascinated when she met CAIN as she hadn't seen an artificial intelligence with a working fungoid brain before. She later told Suri about the Pyralis and helped to defeat them. (AUDIO: The Pyralis Effect)

Romana also helped prevent the Nimon from continuing their cycle of taking over planets by posing as gods. She travelled to Crinoth and met Sezom, the sole survivor of the people there who had formerly welcomed the Nimon in the hope they would give them higher technology, only to realise too late the Nimon were parasitic nomads who consumed them and their world. (TV: The Horns of Nimon)

She was initially annoyed when they landed in what appeared to be Rome again saying that there was no point in the Randomiser if it was going to take them to places they already had been in. Looking around, she discovered that it wasn't Rome but a theme park Luna Romana. After being menaced by androids, she lost the Doctor but came across Stoyn in the command centre. She was impressed that Stoyn had created a matrix facet on the moon. When the facet broke, Romana travelled through it on her own orders from a slightly older version of herself through the time tunnel it created back into her own past. The first thing she did in the past was to release the bear that was used in the play. She then entered the older version of the TARDIS and returned to the moon. She stopped Stoyn but had to escape to Rome to avoid the army of androids on the moon. She later teased him about his reputation on Gallifrey as he is now a by word for making a mistake when piloting the TARDIS. (AUDIO: Luna Romana)

The Doctor and Romana decided to stay in their house in London in June 1964 whilst K9 led the Black Guardian on another wild goose chase through time. When K9 returned he was affected by a wave cancellation frequency modulator. Romana went with the Doctor to find the source of the signal. She went shopping with Jill Lanchaster after sarcastically suggesting it. When she started getting a headache, she worked out that Jill was a Vardan. Tricking her into a television store, Romana stole back the equipment which Jill initially stole. Returning to the scientific lab, she rebuilt the wave cancellation frequency modulator. She plugged it into the transmitters at Mark Lanchaster's pirate radio and with K9's help they cancelled out the Vardan invasion force. (AUDIO: Wave of Destruction)

The Doctor and Romana landed in Budapest in 1980 in order to take in the sights. In a cafe, she was disturbed by Zoltán Frid acting in a strange manner in her presence. After seeing an exsanguinated body, she searched the vicinity for traces of blood. After going to Anita Kereki's flat, she examined the blood that she had extracted from the dead body and observed it was still living. Upon observing Frid attacking a woman in Kereki's apartment she theorised that Frid wasn't a vampire but was a being that was created via a morphic field from another vampire species. She thought she could use the mutate soldier to stop Frid. (AUDIO: The Labyrinth of Buda Castle)

She tried to get the Doctor to stop practising the violin. When a Time Tank collided with the TARDIS, she was caught in the dimensional interface and went with the Time Tank's occupants back to Aoris' past. When she exited the Time Tank, she was arrested by Shola and taken to Embery. Romana was told that she was in an animal sanctuary and that they were in Era 14. Embery showed her the bombs that he was using to attack the future. She told Embery after he asked for her help, that she was a Time Lord and as such she was bound by the policy of non-intervention and couldn't permit his people to discover time travel. K9 came in time to stop Embery and Shola, and Romana ordered K9 to deactivate the bomb. She then worked with Embery and Shola to help their experiments. This was a ruse to allow her to escape but Shola followed her into the TARDIS. She arrived on Era 24 and was taken by Lostar to see Machina only to find it was K9. (AUDIO: The Paradox Planet)

K9 told Romana about the Doctor's actions in the past. Using K9's fanatics, she searched for the Doctor. This involved climbing through a set of ventilation shafts into the command bunker. Following this, they went back to Era 14 to try and stop Drang's attack. Medea told Romana that she had placed bombs which should kill the future army. Back in Era 24, she helped to stop the war so that the planet could then be restored. (AUDIO: Legacy of Death)

The Doctor and Romana went to Cambridge in 1979, intending to meet Professor Chronotis. The Doctor and Romana couldn't bring K9 to see him as they went punting. At that point, while they were on a punt up the River Cam, (WC: Shada) the Doctor's first four incarnations, along with their companions, were taken by a time scoop to the Death Zone on Gallifrey. The Doctor and Romana were caught in a time eddy and failed to arrive in the Death Zone. They were released several hours later once Borusa was sealed in the Tomb of Rassilon. (TV: The Five Doctors)

The Doctor, having gone "nowhere" for several hours, went back to the TARDIS, demanding everyone to put their bathing suits on as they were going to Brighton. The Doctor and Romana, though retaining memories of the punting trip, had forgotten they intended to visit Chronotis. The Doctor said that they had intended to be back "before lights out", but "went on somewhere else", according to Romana, after only being away from the TARDIS for two hours and twenty-one minutes. (WC: Shada)

Landing in Brighton in 1833, too early for the Brighton Pavilion, the Doctor planed to stay around for the opening, Romana initially planned to visit the sites of Europe and popular figures of the age. Noticing that there was a waxworks in town, both Romana and the Doctor went to visit it. At Mary Barnes' waxworks, she spotted Goole stealing a waxwork of Marie Antoinette, but he was impaled and went back to get help. After Goole disappeared, she went back to tell the Doctor. She went with him the Goole's Gallery of Ghouls and learnt that Goole was a wax creature. She was caught up in an explosion but she managed to escape via the drains. (AUDIO: Gallery of Ghouls)

Romana warned him not to return to Brighton soon after their previous visit. She became worried when an outside influence dragged the TARDIS off course, fearing that it was the Black Guardian. It turned out to be Drax, who insulted her previous incarnation. Drax used her as collateral to force the Doctor to help him. After she escaped, K9 told her that there was a second energy field in operation in addition to the temporal grace field. She worked out that it was a body scrambler field. She worked out that the butler on the ship was also Drax, which was why Drax mistook her for Princess Astra of Atrios. She later realised that the ship on which she was imprisoned was owned by another version of Drax. When she was told that Drax was using the Doctor as a scapegoat, she became very annoyed as Drax was interfering with time. (AUDIO: The Trouble with Drax)

She went with K9 to search for the Ecidien Cerebus Bird and found it in the heart of the TARDIS. Shortly afterwards, she was taken by a Laan which escaped from the Conglomerate. The Laan took her through the Vortex and Romana nearly died but she was deposited on a Space Platform. She found out from the Conglom-Net Computer that the Laan was being used to power the Quantum Gateway. Mr Dorrick informed her that the Time Engine was killing the Laan and that he wanted her to fix the engines. She tracked the energy from the time engine and saw that it was powering a historic paradox. Further searching through the systems, she worked out that the historical paradox source was Cuthbert. Dorrick placed her in a chamber to become the pilot of the Time Engine. (AUDIO: The Pursuit of History)

However, Romana didn't have sufficient exposure to the Time Vortex to pilot the engine. The Conglom-Net computer created an avatar of Romana and placed it in the Time Engine to help the Laan. She theorised that the computer could create Laan avatars which would fix the engine but this was flawed when the avatars would be only of the debilitated Laan. After discovering the Black Guardian had created Cuthbert, she realised that stopping Cuthbert would create chaos. After creating the avatar of the Doctor which wiped the Doctor's mind, the Ecidien Cerebus Bird took the Doctor and restored his memory. She theorised that the Doctor and the Bird were linked. (AUDIO: Casualties of Time)

When the TARDIS flew through the Time Spiral, Romana and the Doctor landed on Barclow during a war. The Doctor and Romana were separated after a missile landed near their position. She was then captured and taken to be interrogated. In the human barracks, she encountered Menlove Stokes. She realised that the colony of Metralubit was going against developmental theory as they had fast space travel but no transmats. She became K9's campaign manager and researched the history of Matralubit. During her research, she realised that the society on the planet was periodically wiped out every 2000 years and this was starting again with the riots on the planet. She tried to persuade Liris of this but was told to stop the research. Galatea wanted her to be reconditioned and tried to do so, but wasn't sure if it was going to hold. She thought that the Femdroids were their enemy and tried to persuade Harmock of the truth. Romana realised that the technology was created from the memories which Stokes had of the Rock of Judgement. A hologram of Galatea told her of why there was no body on the planet, it was a plan to stop the Darkness. Travelling back to Barclow, she explained the Femdroids' plan to the soldiers. She realised that the Doctor was going to use the TARDIS to place the Darkness into deep space. She was caught in the Black Guardian's trap. She became angry when Stoke programmed the TARDIS to go to Dellah. (PROSE: The Well-Mannered War)

After arriving in London in 1899, she helped the Doctor track an energy pulse to the New Regency Theatre and watched K9 perform an act as camouflage. George Litefoot asked for her opinion on a dead body in the morgue which had been mauled. She went with Litefoot and Percival Quick to a pharmacy which had been robbed to determine if any drugs had been taken. After the TARDIS was stolen, she tracked it to Nicholas Asquin's house and found the Doctor was there already. She then went with Litefoot and K9 to an opium den to find Asquin. By the time they got there, Asquin had started to attack the locals in his Kravenos state. (AUDIO: The Beast of Kravenos)

Planning to take Romana to a pencil museum in the Lake District, the Doctor instead landed in a battlefield. Shortly afterwards, she was attacked by a humanoid but was rescued by a troop of Sontarans. She later thought that the Sontarans were scared. She noticed that there were lights in the sky and this was the same light that revived a savage Sontaran. Romana told Lenk that she needed to observe the resurrected Varn, so that she could work out what was the cause of this affliction. Her hypothesis that the cause of the zombie was temporal in nature when K9 traced Chronons in Varn. She tried to cauterise Lenk's wounds to stop him from becoming a zombie. When the zombies attacked, she locked herself in a blast chamber. (AUDIO: The Eternal Battle)

After they arrived in Hollywood in 1930, she became annoyed that the Doctor wanted to visit Lorretta Waldorf. When she got there, she found out that Loretta was scared of losing her voice. When the celluloids attacked, Romana became intrigued. She went with Lorretta when Julius took her to his medical institute. Julius informed her that his clinic specialised in keeping film stars young. She heard the voices in the facility and found the recordings of all the actresses who had their voices taken. K9 managed to stop her from being attacked by the voices. After finding out what happened to the Doctor, she confronted Julius. With the help of Lorretta and the rest of the actors, she started a mob to rescue the Doctor. (AUDIO: The Silent Scream)

Romana wanted the Doctor to use the randomiser again and switched it on. This piloted the TARDIS to a submarine in the 1940s which was suspended in space. She thought something was odd when the crew had knowledge of space and was repeating their words. She was amazed at the speed at which the chimpanzee Franklin was gaining speech. She tried to persuade Flague that her actions were futile but this didn't work and she was used as a hostage. She got away with Franklin by using the telepathy to make Flague believe that they had both been killed. Using an escape pod, she located the TARDIS and rescued the Doctor. (AUDIO: Dethras)

The Doctor arrived in Brighton, but in the wrong season. K9 was damaged badly when he tried to retrieve a ball Romana was playing with from the water. Romana visited the Leisure Hive, where she was present at the aborted rebirth of Argolin civilisation. Despite her protests, the Doctor removed the randomiser from the TARDIS, making them vulnerable to the Black Guardian finding them again. (TV: The Leisure Hive)

After arriving in London in 1922, the Doctor and Romana stayed in Baker Street for a while. Whilst there, she heard noises from the attic but the Doctor told her not to investigate. Travelling to Kent with the Doctor, she met Ned Talbot and didn't believe he could see ghosts. She wanted to know why Beatrice screamed. When the Doctor disappeared in a seance, she located him drowning in the marsh. She confronted Beatrice about a secret in the house. When the Doctor went back in time to stop Maurice from travelling forward in time, she stopped Beatrice from holding Maurice back which would have removed him from time. When the Doctor returned he told her that he had waited for five years and she realised that he was the noises that she heard in the attic. (AUDIO: The Haunting of Malkin Place)

The TARDIS landed underground and was soon captured by a drill town. Romana found it annoying that the Doctor had switched off the safety features of the TARDIS. She was captured and interrogated by Maxwell Wilberforce Bell. She would have been placed in the furnace as fuel if his wife didn't want Romana as her maid. Romana wanted to know why the Bells lived underground and why there was only a few drill town left. When the Silex arrived, she stayed on the ship whilst the Doctor went to get an gadget. She discovered that it was the Silex who destroyed the surface and realised that the Silex would destroy their own ecosystem. She was to be converted into a Silex. She managed to escape and was reunited with the Doctor. (AUDIO: Subterranea)

Staying again at Baker Street in 1980, she viewed a local news channel where a Movellan power pack was uncovered. Romana and the Doctor went with the finder of the artefact, Carrie Pierce, to discover more about it. At the dig site, she scanned the outline of the Movellan ship. After Narina brought it to the service, she went on board and saw the anti-Dalek weapon Chenek. She tried to convince the humans that there was danger. She helped the Doctor reprogram Chenek to remove his Movellan militaristic programming and give him free will. (AUDIO: The Movellan Grave)

She was dragged away with a current on Funderell. She was rescued by Rolf and taken to see Greygul. Shortly after, she encountered Sartia, an old friend from the Time Lord Academy. Romana wouldn't admit to Sartia why she left Gallifrey. Finding a book written in Old High Gallifreyan she was placed in a chamber with a large electric eel. She got agitated when Sartia killed the local's god. She theorised that the Time Lords placed the village as a guard and Sartia wanted academic glory. She spent her time breaking the codes of the grade 1 files Sartia stole. Sartia abandoned her in the middle of nowhere to die. (AUDIO: The Skin of the Sleek)

She walked across the surface of the planet and saw something in the sea. After seeing a vision of Blujaw Skaldson, she was rescued by Linnis Skaldson. They were both stranded in the sea until the Doctor surfed towards him. All three of them made their way to Frithra's hut. She became worried about Sartia when she got the orb. Sartia tried to change the timelines by getting into Romana's head. This resulted in Sartia getting the TARDIS key. Romana wanted to know why Sartia murdered people and how she was bad at the academy. She realised the TARDIS couldn't cope with Sartia's changes. She noticed that the timelines were knotted up and they were pulling against each other. (AUDIO: The Thief Who Stole Time)

On Tigella, Romana freed herself from the Bell Plants' harassment before she was captured by Gaztaks. She bluffed the Gaztaks by claiming she was leading them to the TARDIS before taking them around in circles. She lost them by leading them into the Bell Plants. (TV: Meglos)

E-Space Edit


Romana sulks after being recalled to Gallifrey. (TV: Full Circle)

After forgetting all about the matter, the Doctor received an order from the Time Lords to return Romana to Gallifrey, now that they had found the segments to the Key to Time. Romana, having tasted a life of adventure with the Doctor and bonded with him, didn't want to return and sulked in her room. The Doctor's TARDIS entered a Charged Vacuum Emboitment, left the universe (N-Space) and entered another, smaller universe, E-Space. They landed on the planet Alzarius. Romana was infected by an Alzarian spider. Its venom controlled her, making her complete tasks to help the Marshmen. The Doctor restrained her and she soon recovered. (TV: Full Circle)

Romana and the Doctor began searching for a CVE to return home. They came across a planet and landed upon it. They found an Alzarian, Adric, had stowed away on board. Romana was taken by a group of vampires as a sacrifice to the King Vampire. The Doctor rescued her and they resumed searching. (TV: State of Decay) The Doctor was injured and Romana placed him in the Zero Room to recover. The TARDIS was captured by Ballustrans. Romana was questioned by Marni Tellis in a murder enquiry. However, a Farrian attack lifted suspicion from her. Romana kept the Farrian talking long enough for the Doctor to destroy their CVE entrance. They were unable to follow and so continued their search. (AUDIO: The Invasion of E-Space)

They arrived at the Gateway. With K9 damaged by the time winds, the regular universe remained inaccessible to him. Romana chose to stay with him in E-Space to help the enslaved Tharils release themselves from captivity. (TV: Warriors' Gate)

Romana fought for Tharil rights for many years. She began to consider a return to N-Space. (AUDIO: The Invasion of E-Space) Romana and K9 later left E-Space through a mirror. (AUDIO: Zagreus)

President of the High Council Edit

According to one account, Romana had liberated the Tharils and decided to check upon the residents on the Vampire planet. She met Bernice Summerfield and grew worried about the numerous vampires coming back. Eventually, she and Benny figured out this was due to Agonal trying to ressurect the Great Vampire. The Seventh Doctor picked the two up and went to Gallifrey, where she accompinined him to the Tomb of Rassilon. They witnessed Agonal being tricked by Rassilon. Romana then decided to stay on Gallifrey, as her work was done (PROSE: Blood Harvest). Romana later encountered Ruath, and was trapped in a miniscope due to Ruath wanting to make the Time Lords vampires. Romana got picked up by Spandrell and received a position on the high council (PROSE: Goth Opera).

Romana was shocked that the Fifth Doctor ran away from his responsibilities when he was appointed Lord President of Gallifrey. (AUDIO: Extermination)

The manner of Romana's ascendancy is unclear. One source claimed that Romana ran against Flavia in an election and won. (PROSE: Happy Endings) Romana recalled she had invoked a "right of challenge" against her predecessor as President of the High Council, just as Darkel later challenged her. (AUDIO: Insurgency) However, Braxiatel claimed that no one had held the role of Lord Chancellor "for many years", not since Romana's predecessor had "quelled his predecessor's less-than-stellar stewardship". Romana said she had been "asked to become President after the coup that overthrew Flavia's inauspicious reign" in spite of her lack of political experience. This suggests another President had ruled in the interim. (AUDIO: Lies)

According to one account, soon after taking office, Romana suffered an epileptic fit. During this, she signed an executive order releasing three hundred prisoners from Shada, including Grandfather Paradox. The fit was caused by the Carnival Queen threatening the rational underpinnings of the universe. (PROSE: Christmas on a Rational Planet) However, another account stated that Salyavin, upon leaving Shada on his own centuries before Romana's time, used his powers to make the Time Lords forget about Shada. Romana herself told Skagra she had "never even heard of it", referring to the prison as "the actions of previous administrations". (WC: Shada)

Also in the early days of her Presidency, Romana was abducted by the Daleks and spent more than two decades in captivity before escaping with the help of the Doctor, now in his sixth incarnation. (AUDIO: The Apocalypse Element) On returning to Gallifrey, she resumed the Presidency.


President Romana on Gallifrey. (WC: Shada)

Romana sanctioned an experiment with the CIA to look into the phenomenon of anti-time. As part of this experiment she went with Coordinator Vansell on an extraction mission to collect the Eighth Doctor and his companion Charlotte Pollard. She informed the Doctor that saving Charley had caused time to run a different course, such as a 30 year war now lasting three centuries. She admitted that it wasn't the fact that Charley or any potential descendants would make an important discovery, but something had used this act to breach the universe. After showing the Doctor a matrix projection showing her that all futures lead to her becoming an Imperiatrix of Gallifrey and abusing her powers, she travelled through to a universe of anti-time. In this universe, she encountered Sentris and her neverpeople. Sentris informed her that the neverpeople existed because of a barbaric punishment that her office could inflinct on any criminal, the Oubliette of Eternity. When both the Doctor and Romana noticed that Vansell was being manipulated by Sentris to explode a critical mass of anti-time in the Panopticon, they devised a plan to reset her presidential codes in the Matrix. She was in the Matrix when the time station exploded due to Doctor's intervention. She watched the Matrix record the events and saw that the paradox of Charley's survival had been resolved. Rassilon informed her that this would have always happened and that if she was to exit the Matrix through the door she entered she would die. He told her that she was favoured by the Matrix and a second door opened, back to Gallifrey. (AUDIO: Neverland)

She had Braxiatel monitor the section on the galaxy where the Doctor's TARDIS had been staying since the anti-time explosion. After it had disappeared, Leela arrived in her presidential chambers saying that Rassilon had appeared in her dreams. Both of them then entered the matrix to talk to Rassilon, and encountered the now infected Doctor and the Manifestation of the TARDIS. She helped the Doctor to recover and then banished him to the Divergent Universe as a precaution if any particle of anti-time remained in his system. (AUDIO: Zagreus)

After the CIA agents lost a potential source of weapons grade chronons, she chastised Narvin for what happened. The Monan Host leader told her that the Nepenthe, the stealer of the Chronons was on Gryben. She sent Leela to investigate with Torvald. She had to interrogate Mephistopheles Arkadian for information about Free Time. She had to deal with a Free Time terrorist attack on Gryben. With the Monan Host threatening invasion of Gryben to obtain a Timonic Fusion Device, she had to stop Narvin from launching Battle TARDISes and Braxiatel from stopping an evacuation. She used her position to stop a war by going to the planet herself, as she knew if she was on the planet any action which would kill Monan forces would also kill herself. She realised that the device was a bluff. (AUDIO: Weapon of Choice)

She organised a fake temporal summit to get potential terrorist attention and sent Narvin as the Time Lord delegate, as well as sending Leela undercover. She had to intervene when Narvin and Flinkstab had a heated debate, but when time was rewritten she didn't need to do this. Leela informed her about the anomalous pictures and Romana decided to come to the summit. Time was rewritten once more and this erased her permissions to join the conference. She worried that she was paradoxical. Shortly afterwards she was attacked by one of the Servitors but Leela stopped it and discovered it was the dancer Baano. She learnt that delegate V'rell was part of the Free Time movement. She also told the Monans about the Celestial Intervention Agency codes they put in their planets defence shields after the Time Lords fixed them in the wake of the Dalek attack. Romana and Leela uncovered Hossak's mad plan for peace in that she was rewriting time to undo anything bad which happened at the conference. Romana informed Hossak that the summit was fake and she had conducted a secret summit. (AUDIO: Square One)

There was a judicial inquiry over the actions on Grybon, presided by Inquisitor Darkel. As part of her evidence she got K9 to access data on Project Alpha, including an explosion of it. Narvin traced the creator of the bomb and gave Romana this information. During this investigation she discovered the means of how Braxiatel created his collection and why. She found out how a Timonic Fusion Device was made available to the Free Time Movement. She went back in time to stop the retrocrime that occurred in stealing the device. (AUDIO: The Inquiry)

Mephistopheles Arkadian invited her to Earth, as she would learn something to her advantage about the Timonic Fusion Device. It was explained to her that he had made a temporal intervention with Cecelia Pollard and to keep Narvin off his back. When both Leela and Cecelia vanished she discovered that someone was interfering in the intervention. Narvin ordered her to remove herself from the timeline before anymore interventions would happen. Using the train passengers as hostages she learnt from Torvald that he was actually Andred when he revealed that Leela was his wife. She learnt about Torvald's plan with Free Time and how it involved Cecelia becoming a conduit for anti-time. (AUDIO: A Blind Eye)

She decided to visit Andred in the cells though Wynter told her that he should be present at the interrogation. She wanted to know if he could be rehabilitated. It seemed Braxiatel supported and guided Romana's appointment partly because it was inevitable and he wanted to monitor her closely for any return of Pandora's influence. Romana went after Leela in the vaults and later encountered Pandora again, who was this time taking the form of Romana's first incarnation. Pandora told Romana that she had engineered her return to Gallifrey from E-Space and her appointment as President to fulfil her grand plan. She worked out that she had regenerated to stop herself from being Imperiatrix. (AUDIO: Lies)

After meeting with Pandora she spent a short time relaxing on Davidia. She wanted to talk to Leela about her decision to leave the planet. As part of this Romana decided to spend a day experiencing the jungle as Leela does. She tried to explain to Leela the concept of Natural Selection against Leela's view of the world. She realised that Leela wanted her to feel out of place. Romana told Leela that it was living with Time Lords that was keeping her young. She was worried that Pandora would try again to take over her body. There she encountered a charred body which arrived on the planet in an anomalous TARDIS, and proceeded to find out the truth. When Braxiatel told her that the TARDIS hadn't left Gallifrey yet and he couldn't identify the body. As part of her agreement with Leela they went into a sensory tank which she hoped would also help the Charred Time Lord. In the tank she experienced the world through Leela's viewpoint. In the experience the charred Time Lord tried to tell her what had happened to him. She realised that it was due to the soothing balm Leela placed on the Time Lord. She came to understand Leela's way of thinking. (AUDIO: Spirit)

She was manipulated by Darkel to let Wynter investigate the charred Time Lord. Braxiatel was named High Chancellor and made responsible for Romana's experiments with the Time Lord Academy, allowing off-world students to enter the academy. She found out that the body was Wynter, and it was due to Pandora he became that way. She found as a result of the Pandora creature escape from the Matrix, Braxiatel was exiled from Gallifrey (AUDIO: Pandora) and the Academy reforms fell apart under his successor, Chancellor Valyes.

She reassured Leela that she would be able to teach at the academy and have her monitor the situation there. She told K9 that she feared that Darkel would incite Civil War. Romana started to exhibit symptoms of Pandora's influence. As part of this influence she became more paranoid and agitated about Darkel's actions. She argued with Darkel over her policies and what was happening in the academy. She apparently murdered Andred while possessed, and continued to consult Pandora for advice on her political moves. She became more angry the more she consulted with Pandora. (AUDIO: Insurgency)

She started having dreams of being Imperiatrix like during the anti-time incident. She informed Leela that Andred had been murdered and told her to protect the Academy. Narvin informed her about the terrorist bombing at the Academy, where she ended up having a political debate against Darkel. She chastised Hallan for closing the doors to the Time Scaphes killing many students and Leela's K9. She wanted to put Narvin and Darkel in front of the High Council in a trial because of their actions. At Pandora's suggestion, Romana declared herself Imperiatrix of Gallifrey in response to Darkel's challenge for the Presidency. As she crowned herself with the coronet linking her to the Matrix, Pandora became corporeal in the form of the first Romana, declaring herself Imperiatrix. (AUDIO: Imperiatrix) Freed by her Chancellery Guards, Romana destroyed much of the city's infrastructure in the following civil war, responding to Pandora's psychic control of the Capitol. She was finally able to contain Pandora in the Matrix again and kill her by destroying the Matrix completely.


Romana as President of Gallifrey. (AUDIO: Appropriation)

Romana didn't want to hurt people in the civil war, so she decided to attack the infrastructure of Gallifrey and stop the TARDIS from working so that Pandora couldn't turn the civil war into a time war. Romana asked Gerber to create some propaganda to win support. She travelled to the anomaly vault in order to get Wynter's TARDIS to have an advantage against Pandora. Inside the vault she was attacked by Aesino after it was released. Romana thought that she could use Aesino to defeat Pandora instead. and its sentience because Romana was now an anomaly. (AUDIO: Fractures)

She was slightly weakened following her experience in the Vault. She realised that the Matrix couldn't predict a future for her. Romana asked Leela to create a strategy to get to the APC net. She witnessed Hallan being infected with a new variant of the Dogma Virus. Following this she questioned Matthias on how he obtained the Imperiatrix codes. She tricked Pandora into having a meeting inside the Matrix where she was taken by the Anomaly vault's sentience and then had the Matrix wiped. (AUDIO: Warfare)

Romana was greatly weakened by her struggle with Pandora. Chancellor Valyes became acting President. K9 informed her that the transduction barriers had failed and that the Phaidon, Nekkistani and Sunari had invaded. Janartis wanted to use her as bait to stop the invasion. Darkel informed her that the high council had called a new set of elections. Valyes appointed Matthias as Lord Cardinal before resigning and naming Darkel as his successor. Narvin admitted to her that he supported her regime and that he should become a candidate. She argued that the election wasn't constitutionally sound but because of the current political climate. Romana and Matthias each laid claims to the Presidency. Romana agreed to have a force regeneration to become president again. Because the tribunal into her presidency became null she didn't need to go under a forced regeneration to contest the presidency. (AUDIO: Appropriation) Darkel and Matthias agreed to the arrest of Romana for high treason. She was then placed in a cell where only Leela and K9 could visit her. Braxiatel turned up and made a superior claim for the Presidency, freeing Romana. He immediately resigned and named Matthias his successor, to Romana's surprise. (AUDIO: Mindbomb)

She decided to return back to her ancestral home, the House of Heartshaven. At the house she found Janartis exhibited signs of the Dogma Virus and returned back to the capitol. She asked Elbon if he had a solution for this epidemic. Braxiatel had hatched a scheme to preserve the Time Lord biodata archive. It contained the genetic patterns of all Time Lords, past and present. He hoped to reconstruct Gallifrey after its inevitable fall. As the Free Time Dogma Virus ravaged Gallifrey, Matthias nominated Romana to find the cure, then go into exile. Romana followed the trail, only to find Braxiatel. He had nominated Matthias knowing that whoever was President was doomed to fall to the Dogma virus. He also noted that, ironically, Pandora would have had the ruthlessness to crush the "great threat" facing Gallifrey, but Romana would not. The only cure for the virus was to end the regeneration capabilities of the Time Lords. With the help of K9, Braxiatel used a Time Scoop to collect the biodata archive. He asked Romana to decide whether to administer the cure or to let Gallifrey die and then rebuild it using the biodata. Her initial decision is not known (AUDIO: Panacea) as Braxiatel took her to the Axis. (AUDIO: Reborn)

Exploring other realities Edit

She later discovered that Braxiatel, transported them from his Collection to the Axis, where she started to explore alternative versions of Gallifrey, to help find a way to cure the Dogma virus. She explored many versions, from one where she didn't travel with the Doctor (AUDIO: Reborn) to one where Time Lords were simian. (AUDIO: Forever)

On the world where she didn't meet the Doctor, she found out that she married Andred. One of the Time Lords tried to sell her and Braxiatel one of his future regenerations. She thought this was obscene. She talked to her counterpart about the High Council. Antonin was interested when he thought that Romana was a future version of his mother. (AUDIO: Reborn)

She found a universe where her counterpart was more ruthless than she was, and was disgusted by the lengths that this Romana would go to keep order and have the Web of Time weaved in her desire. This Romana wanted to have her counterpart executed and tasked Lord Burner to do this. When the axis systems collapsed she spent time searching the axis to see the damage. (AUDIO: Disassembled)

After losing Braxiatel, she discovered a world where the Great Vampires had defeated the True Lords of Gallifrey. There she met an alternative version of Borusa. Lord Prydon tried to make Romana his consort but thanks to the immunity she gained in E-Space, this failed. She helped Borusa to defeat them, but was forced to destroy the world in the process. This distressed her, as she destroyed another world, another Gallifrey. (AUDIO: Annihilation)

When an alternative Romana was assassinated, Romana took her place, attempting to help the people of this Gallifrey perfect their Eye of Harmony. The alternative version of Narvin realised that she wasn't from this Gallifrey and threatened the slaves to make sure she would comply. This was in fact a prison for the Krilig, and it was closed, stranding Leela, Narvin and herself on the alternative Gallifrey and K9 in the Axis. (AUDIO: Forever)

She later invested time in alternative time technologies. She had to debate with Allora about the rights of the outsiders to a vital Zeiton-7 supply. Castellan Slyne placed a bodyguard on her. She wanted to know why she couldn't access the Capitol systems, Kavil suggested that this was due to exposure to the time vortex. She though that this could be used as a cure for the Dogma Virus. After the assassination attempt on Leela, she negotiated with Leela about the mining rights and had an assassination attempt on her. It was discovered to be Valyes. (AUDIO: Emancipation)

Romana attended a conference into alternative time technologies and used money as an incentive to get the progress she needed. She became intrigued when Jonias theorised the Time Vortex. Slyne informed her that Kavil had discovered something. It later turned out to be a signal that came from the Time Vortex. Narvin told her that Jonias was using time sensitive slaves. She got annoyed as it reminded her of the Tharils. She watched Jonias' experiment and told the former slaves to go through the time path. Kavil amplified the signal and told her that it said axis. (AUDIO: Evolution)

She argued with Zakar about a section of land which the outsiders controlled. Narvin told her to practice moderation with Zakar and the Outsiders. Narvin informed her that Zakar had been captured by the Outsiders. She told Narvin to go to Leela an negotiate for Zakara release. She reluctantly had to sanction military action against the Outsiders. She then covertly went to Leela's township for one final negotiation. This was successful and Leela came back to give evidence of Zakar's guilt. When Science Minister Kavil discovered a signal coming through time, he amplified it, as Romana thought that it could be a way back to their home. When a portal from this signal opened in the Panopticon, she was greeted by Daleks. (AUDIO: Arbitration)

Returning home Edit

Romana escaped the Daleks in the Panopticon and managed to tell Slyne their own weakness. Meeting up with Leela again they went to armoury to halt the Daleks. Romana managed to prevent the Daleks' plan to invade the multiverse, and managed to return home to her own Gallifrey, complete with a cure to the Dogma virus. The Daleks again called her Unit 117. She used the anger from her imprisonment when she interrogated a Dalek she attacked. She said that it was the Daleks that made her a bit more ruthless originating from the Etra Prime attack and the twenty years of mental torture, and then killed the Dalek. She then left this Gallifrey to return to the Axis. (AUDIO: Extermination)

Shortly after arriving on her own Gallifrey, Romana was greeted by her next incarnation, Trey, who entered into a deal with her to return Gallifrey to its former state, thus saving herself thousands of years of work. She became increasingly tired sorting out the calculations and the negotiations. Trey was worried about her and Romana wanted her exiled, but was exiled herself. She returned to Gallifrey just as there was trouble with transduction barrier and the Eye of harmony which she tried to fix but she couldn't but this action caused a regeneration. This all occurred in the Matrix. (AUDIO: Renaissance)

This regeneration didn't take hold as she was removed from the Matrix by K9. She was reinstated as president, after Matthias resigned. She couldn't decide to use the measure that would cure the Dogma virus. When Leela decided for her, a Dalek force invaded from the Matrix. Romana repelled a Dalek invasion of Gallifrey with her future incarnation by trapping them in the Matrix. She then set about rebuilding her Gallifrey, which was still crippled by disease and war. (AUDIO: Ascension)

Romana later travelled to Earth to investigate the disappearance of Leela. There she encountered the Sixth Doctor and Mike Yates, and helped them to defeat Rees. (AUDIO: Second Sight)

She was sent to fix the Engines of the Moros as a gesture for the Monan Host after diplomatic relations broke down. She planned to use her regeneration as a power boost to stop the ship from becoming a black hole. Her third incarnation sent Braxiatel back to stop this regeneration in order to stop the Omega War. She thought that Braxiatel's manipulation might not have changed enough, and Brax suggested she resign from the Presidency, which she did. Upon resigning she appointed herself as Coordinator of the Celestial Intervention Agency and appointed Lady Livia as her successor. One of her first acts was to investigate the death of Narvin. She then discovered that it was a Phaidon general Gaal who was behind the destruction of Moros and the Monan Embassy on Gallifrey. With the help of Brax she tracked the source of the paradoxes, she found the Leela from the original timeline who was left on Legion. After negotiating with The Watchmaker she found a way to stop the black hole and created a new timeline. (AUDIO: Enemy Lines)

During the Last Great Time War Edit

She got concerned when Narvin told her about a secret facility in the Loom Forests. She managed to negotiate with the War Council about a sharing of information. Karla informed her of the destruction of Phaidon. She was concerned about the War Council's caveats when granting asylum of the Phaidons. Narvin detected information about a War Council facility in the Death Zone and sent Leela to investigate. After Leela was caught Romana travelled to the Death Zone with Narvin. She thought it was appalling that the War Council was resurrecting dead Time Lords. Braxiatel and Ace asked her for permission to gain information useful for the war. (AUDIO: Celestial Intervention)

Narvin informed her that Ace was "dead". This made her want to use the Master in the war. (AUDIO: Soldier Obscura)

Narvin warned Romana against using the Master in her plans. She only did this as the Doctor refused to help her. Romana informed the Master that they had turned a blind eye to his crimes and pardoned him for them. She told the Master to get information from Finnian Valentine about a weapon. She was upset when she realised she had sent Leela to her apparent death. (AUDIO: The Devil You Know)

She became in contact with the Dalek Emperor who referred to her as Unit 117. Karla informed her about the forces the War Council had lost. She decided to run for presidency again when Livia resigned but that would mean regenerating. After sending Narvin to the Death Zone, she contacted the Dalek Emperor again. She was using a communication channel that Braxiatel had set up. She tried to convince the Emperor to stop the war. During the campaign she thought that she shouldn't have hushed up the Zagreus business. Valerian used her conversations with the Dalek Emperor against her. She denounced Valerian as a puppet president for the War Council. Narvin gave her a message from Braxiatel that he was right to abandon the war and that she should do like the Doctor. (AUDIO: Desperate Measures)

Death Edit

Romana went on a mission to fix the engines of the Moros where she first regenerated in her third incarnation. However, after the Omega incident, her third incarnation told Braxiatel to stop this regeneration, rewriting history. (AUDIO: Enemy Lines)

Prior to the destruction of Gallifrey, Romana had regenerated into another incarnation. (PROSE: The Shadows of Avalon, The Ancestor Cell) Romana claimed she needed to regenerate to become a more effective leader of Gallifrey, and her future incarnation was noticeably more ruthless than her second. (PROSE: The Ancestor Cell)

Undated events Edit

At some point, Romana was taken to the Black Archive by UNIT to have her record as a companion of the Doctor taken. Her memories of the visit were subsequently erased and she was sent on her way. (TV: The Day of the Doctor)

At another point, Romana was abducted by Adam Mitchell as part his plan to get revenge on the Doctor, in collaboration with the Master. She was placed in stasis alongside the Doctors' multiple other companions, before being released by the Doctors first eleven numbered incarnations with the help of Frobisher. (COMIC: The Choice, Endgame)

Personality Edit

This incarnation of Romana seemed to respect the Doctor more and seemed to have settled into her name, though she did continue to exhibit traits from her first incarnation's personality. (TV: Destiny of the Daleks) She was occasionally fearful but remained quick to react. (TV: Meglos) Taken with her new lifestyle, Romana was adamant that she did not want to return to Gallifrey. (TV: Full Circle)

Romana was initially resentful of how Adric had forced himself upon them in joining their travels, but soon came to like him. (AUDIO: The Invasion of E-Space) She managed to defeat Karna all by herself when investigating the Vita Novus health spa. (AUDIO: The Beautiful People)

Like her previous incarnation, she could be stern and commanding when she needed to be and could cleverly improvise the situation, like the Doctor, to the point where she could escape. (TV: The Creature from the Pit)

The Fourth Doctor called this Romana "the most noblest Romana of them all". (TV: Warriors' Gate)

Appearance Edit

Romana dress

Romana wears a frilled dress on Tigella. (TV: Meglos)

Romana once donned a pink version of the Doctor's coat, with a white version of his scarf. (TV: Destiny of the Daleks) She also wore a variety of dresses, building on her previous incarnation's sense of style. (TV: The Androids of Tara, The Creature from the Pit) On Tigella, she wore a frilled dress. (TV: Meglos) Once she returned to Gallifrey, she wore traditional Time Lord garb. (PROSE: Goth Opera)

In this body, Romana was noticeably smaller than her previous incarnation. (AUDIO: Luna Romana)

Alternative timelines Edit

In an alternate timeline in which Aubertides succeeded in getting the Seventh Doctor's biodata and invaded Gallifrey, Greeneye and August tried to persuade Romana to tell them about secrets of the Matrix. When Romana refused their order, they killed her. (PROSE: Human Nature)

The Eighth Doctor saw a version of Romana in a projection built by the Matrix to show Gallifrey after being affected by anti-time. Romana had taken the title "Imperiatrix" and was much more ruthless than the Doctor expected. In the projection, she presided over the obliteration of a Dalek Fleet trapped in a time loop. (AUDIO: Neverland)

One version of Romana came from an alternate Gallifrey where the Time Lords sold their weapons to other species. (AUDIO: Reborn) Another version came from a Gallifrey where Time Lords were Interventionists. (AUDIO: Disassembled) A final version came from a Gallifrey where the Time Lords were known as Regenerators, and had yet to discover time travel. (AUDIO: Forever, Emancipation)

Behind the scenes Edit

Romana II? Edit

The designation "Romana II" is not precisely derived from DWU narratives. Rather, it comes from various reference literature like Companions of Doctor Who and Doctor Who Magazine itself. However, the Gallifrey audio series stated in narrative that the Lalla Ward Romana was the second incarnation of Romana, and her predecessor the first. (AUDIO: Warfare)

Therefore, while it is technically true to say that "Romana I" and "Romana II" are naming conventions which are not established in any narrative, nor do they appear in any known credits, the convention of using Roman numerals after Romana — while non-narrative — is employed on this wiki simply because most people using the site would likely expect such usage.

Other notes Edit

  • BBV Productions released two original audio adventures which featured Lalla Ward with K9. Since they had the rights to K9 but not Romana or E-Space, she has no name other than "Mistress" in the audio plays, while the characters refer to E-Space as "the pocket universe".
  • Although a relationship was never explicitly shown or intended by the writers, many fans have found the signs of a romantic relationship particularly evident in the story City of Death, perhaps reflecting the real-life romance between Tom Baker and Lalla Ward which reportedly blossomed during the production of that story and led to their brief marriage. In 1980, Ward and Baker made a series of television commercials in Australia for Prime Computers, performing as Romana and the Doctor. The advertisements feature a parody romance between the two characters, culminating in the Doctor proposing marriage to Romana.
  • In City of Death, Romana says she is 125, but in The Ribos Operation, she claims to be nearly 140, so her age cannot be accurately placed without further information. However, it is possible that Romana is simply lying about her age.
  • The status of Romana during the events of The Five Doctors depends upon which version is viewed. In the original 1983 broadcast version (and four-episode rebroadcasts), she is trapped in the vortex with the Fourth Doctor when the Time Scoop malfunctioned (as evidenced by an image of the two of them that appears on Borusa's monitor). For the 1995 Special Edition, only the Fourth Doctor is visible in the vortex image. According to production notes on the 2008 DVD release, Romana is not trapped with the Doctor in the Special Edition version. However, in the webcast Shada, Romana remembers being taken out of time along with the Doctor.
  • Three alternative "physical" forms of Romana seen in Part One of Destiny of the Daleks were played, uncredited, by Yvonne Gallagher, Lee Richards and Maggy Armitage respectively (the voice continued to be that of Lalla Ward).
  • Romana's clothing was examined in the 2|entertain documentary Lalla's Wardrobe.
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