Rolls Royce Motors

Rolls Royce Motors was a manufacturing company.

Circa 140,000,000 BCE, British Airways' Concorde Golf Victor Foxtrot, powered by Rolls-Royce engines, landed where Heathrow Airport would later be constructed. The aircraft was soon joined by her sister, Golf Alpha Charlie. GVF was cannibalised to repair GAC which escaped with the two crafts' passengers and crew. GVF and her Rolls-Royce engines were gradually buried under layers of sediment. (TV: Time-Flight)

In 1928, Professor Narayan, the head of the Mythology and Folklore department at the University of Calcutta, owned a 1908 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, which the Fifth Doctor considered "a work of art". (AUDIO: The Emerald Tiger)

Circa 1973, the Third Doctor discovered that a matter transmitter was surreptitiously installed in the rear door panels of Sir Henry Felton's Rolls-Royce, by which Sir Henry was kidnapped by the aliens from Proxima Centauri to convince him not to divulge nor develop the matter transmission method he had discovered. (COMIC: Ride to Nowhere)

Also in the 1970s, the Master disguised his TARDIS as a black Rolls-Royce. (PROSE: The Face of the Enemy) A Rolls-Royce showed up out of nowhere in the middle of the English countryside; the mysterious man inside had a hypnotic effect on musical threesome the Swifts. (PROSE: Smash Hit)

Circa 1982, British Airways' Concorde Golf Victor Foxtrot, powered by Rolls-Royce engines, flew through a time corridor en route from New York to Heathrow. GVF's sister, Golf Alpha Charlie followed to investigate and likewise vanished. GAC returned with some parts cannibalised from GVF. The remains of GVF and her Rolls-Royce engines were located near Heathrow's sewer pipes by that time. (TV: Time-Flight)

Among the recycled replacement parts on the the Doctor's TARDIS' console was a brass data plate from a Rolls Royce product. It read "Type FD 12 MK V11 Rolls Royce Motors Crewe England" and had a space in which to enter a NATO stock number. The Eleventh Doctor used the plate as a field expedient mirror with which to tidy his hair. (TV: The Angels Take Manhattan)

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