Rokhandi World was a theme park erected on the planet of Rokhandi by SERVEYOUinc roughly ten years after the Eleventh Doctor prevented the ARC experiment.

Most things located in Rokhandi World were made of plastic, including the trees. It contained attractions such as the Cuddles Bear, Target Happy, Woody, Dolly, and Joy Town. They also offered merchandise such as Customer Service Pigs and Team-Building Experience Horses.

Everyone who misbehaved in the park was offered a "Rokhandi Floss," which was actually a trip to a piece of the Entity which fed on their desire to cause trouble and forced them to become docile patrons. Occasionally some of the Entity's victims would be put to work as theme park employees. When the Doctor, with the assistance of Alice Obiefune, destabilised the Rokhandi portion of the Entity, the victims regained their memories and resumed their normal activities.

The CEO of SERVEYOUinc Enoch Thorne was forced to write off the park as a dead loss. (COMIC: The Friendly Place)

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