Rohm-Dutt was a gun smuggler from the 51st century. (PROSE: Diamond Dogs)

He was hired by Thawn to sell guns to the Swampies on Delta III. This would allow Thawn to justify killing the Swampies as they posed a threat.

The Swampies tried to used the guns and they misfired. Realising they had been tricked they took Rohm-Dutt prisoner. He was tied to a rack alongside the Fourth Doctor and Romana I. They were tied with vines that would tighten in the sun until their backs were broken. They escaped and were pursued. Rohm-Dutt tripped and was dragged away and killed by Kroll. (TV: The Power of Kroll)

Laura Palmer was worried that the diamond shipments coming out Saturn would attract the attention and be raided by criminals like him. (PROSE: Diamond Dogs)

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