Roger Pugh was Planning Officer for Cardiff City Council in 2017.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Pugh studied archaeology in Cardiff and wanted to live a life that was less boring than his parents. He would look out across Cardiff Bay and felt like there was a world of possibilities. However, he ended up becoming planning officer for the council. In 2007, his wife, Jessica, was killed when a driver was distracted by the Sex Gas meteorite and crashed into her. In the wake of her death, he thought about suicide a number of times.

In 2017, Pugh was contacted by Gwen Cooper who wanted to gain permission to rebuild Torchwood's Hub and taken out by her to see what Torchwood did firsthand. He watched Gwen encounter several aliens before finding holes in spacetime which resulted in a near-death experience when he considered falling into one to die and be reunited with Jessica. He was saved by Gwen.

Afterwards, Pugh relayed his day's experience to Jessica's grave where Gwen approached him. He told her what had happened to his wife and agreed to give her his support in building a new Hub. (AUDIO: More Than This)

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