Roger Langridge (born 14 February 1967[1]) is a multi-faceted comic artist. He is perhaps most lauded for his original work, Fred the Clown, and his work on Judge Dredd Megazine (1990). His credits are extensive, running across most active comic publishers on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean since the late 1980s.

Within Doctor Who comics, he can be regarded as effectively, as of 2016 the current Doctor Who Magazine "house letterer", having lettered the overwhelming majority of comics since his debut on DWM 272's Happy Deathday in late 1998. Almost every issue of DWM published in the 21st century—again, as of 2016—was lettered by Langridge.

He has also occasionally pencilled, inked and even coloured some stories along the way. Deathday, for example, was also his Doctor Who pencil and ink debut, and was followed by artistic duties on TV Action!, the back half of The Glorious Dead (where he was co-credited as penciller with Martin Geraghty), The Autonomy Bug, Where Nobody Knows Your Name, The Green-Eyed Monster, Death to the Doctor!, Planet Bollywood, Theatre of the Mind and The Stockbridge Showdown (which also had art by Dave Gibbons, Adrian Salmon, Dan McDaid, John Ross, Mike Collins, John Ridgway, Martin Geraghty and David A Roach). He thus was an artist who professionally draw all incarnations of the Doctor (apart from the War Doctor) up to the Eleventh, even though many of his renderings were obvious parodic in Death. Additionally, while The Stockbridge Showdown featured the Twelfth Doctor, Langridge did not draw any pages involving the Twelfth Doctor for that comic strip. Finally, he coloured Me and My Shadow and Where Nobody Knows Your Name.

He has even worked some Doctor Who into other franchises. In 2009, was the main creator of several Muppet comics. One picture depicted Bunsen Honeydew as the Fourth Doctor and Beaker as Romana II in her schoolgirl outfit.

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