Roger Curbishley was the son of Lady Eddison and Colonel Hugh Curbishley. Arnold Golightly was his half-brother on his mother's side.

He was a proper gentleman, conducting himself politely in public and flirting with women. He was a closeted homosexual and had a secret relationship with one of the servants, Davenport, meaning the Curbishley/Eddison line might end with him. It appears his father and the head butler knew of this, but kept it a secret. Their relationship was quite developed, with the two of them often having secret liaisons, as shown when Roger dreams about going on a walk with Davenport, and when the two of them are alone in a room together when the Doctor, Donna and Agatha Christie go looking for the Vespiform.

In December 1926, he attended his mother's party with honoured guest Agatha Christie, where he met Donna Noble and the Tenth Doctor, who immediately noticed his relationship with Davenport. At dinner, he was stabbed in the back by his half-brother, the Vespiform known as Arnold Golightly. His death was avenged when Donna Noble killed Arnold to save Agatha Christie. (TV: The Unicorn and the Wasp)

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