Rocks and Soils was a game published on The Sarah Jane Adventures website. It was part of the KS2 Bitesize Science project, where children learned math, English and science by playing video games. The game was narrated by Anjli Mohindra. As a reward for finishing the game the children got a K9 colour-in.

Scenario Edit

Mr Smith gets an emergency message from Sarah Jane Sarah Jane got tricked by the Trickster. He has opened a time portal. This causes a weakness in time and is draining life from Earth. The Trickster is forcing humans to mine for minerals from rocks and soils which gives him power.

To defeat the Trickster and restore the order in the chaotic world a new community shelter on has to be built on Earth. Therefore, Rani and Mr Smith have to build a house with the best materials.

End of the game Edit

The community shelter is build, the order is restored and the Trickster is defeated.

How to play Edit

At first the player has to find out the best materials for building a shelter. So he tests out the properties the materials by dragging tools onto the materials. Then Rani says something about the materials, forexample that they split easily or are very durable. After this the player has to build a strong community house by dragging the right building materials onto it. The player can't add the wrong materials to the house, if he wants to they aren't added and Rani Chandra says that other materials are needed. There isn't a game over in the game. If the time for the game is up the player can repeat his last action again and again until he finally succeeds. Only then the game ends.

Materials Edit

Rocks and Soils VG1

The viewer has to choose the right material for the community house.

  • Slate
  • Chalk
  • Spoil
  • Marble
  • Granite

Tools Edit

  • Hammer
  • Sander
  • Hosepipe
  • Magnifier

Characters Edit

Continuity Edit

  • The events in this game are similar to the events of the episode The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith. Sarah Jane got tricked by the Trickster again, a time portal is opened and the Trickster is forcing humans to mine for minerals from rocks and soils. However in the game doesn't play in an alternative reality and instead of being defeated by Barbara and Eddie Smith, the Trickster is defeated by Rani Chandra and Mr Smith who built a community shelter to fight the Trickster.

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