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The Rocket Men were a group of space pirates who plundered planets for their riches. Their name was a reference to their use of jetpacks. (AUDIO: The Rocket Men, Return of the Rocket Men) The Fourth Doctor described them as a "nefarious collection of criminals, blackguards and ne'er-do-wells". (AUDIO: Requiem for the Rocket Men) The Master considered them to be "a pathetic ragtag group of no-hopers with delusions of power on a cosmic scale". (AUDIO: The Two Masters)


The Rocket Men, led by Ashman, invaded Jobis to plunder its wealth in the form of crystal insects. They took Barbara Wright and Vicki Pallister prisoner on Platform Five, while Ian Chesterton disguised himself in one of the rocket suits. Only a scientific platform, where the First Doctor was situated, was able to hold out, when the Doctor quickly set up a defensive force field which they were unable to penetrate. The Doctor psychically communicated with the native species of giant manta ray and convinced them to attack the Rocket Men ship. Ashman was killed by one of the manta rays. (AUDIO: The Rocket Men) Following Ashman's death, more than a dozen groups of his fellow Rocket Men began fighting for control of his territories. (AUDIO: Return of the Rocket Men)

At some point, the Rocket Men, led by Van Cleef, encountered Steven Taylor, but he was saved by his future self, who was apparently shot dead. (AUDIO: Return of the Rocket Men)

After Van Cleef's death, the Rocket Men put a bounty on the Doctor's head. (AUDIO: Requiem for the Rocket Men)

The Rocket Men owned hundreds of slaves. It was not uncommon for the Rocket Men to recruit their members by kidnapping them and forcing them into a life of piracy. (AUDIO: Requiem for the Rocket Men)

The Rocket Men's king, Shandar, later joined forces with the Decayed Master. The Fourth Doctor destroyed the Asteroid which contained their home base. (AUDIO: Requiem for the Rocket Men)

After the destruction of the Asteroid, the Rocket Men became a much weaker force. To make ends meet, they stole whatever ship they could get their hands on, and used it to transport grain across the galaxy. The Seventh Doctor described them as "late period Rocket Men". (AUDIO: The Two Masters)