Rocket Man

Clyde Langer's sketch of the Rocket Man. (TV: The Mark of the Berserker)

You may be looking for Rocket Men.

The Rocket Man was a fictional superhero which was created and drawn by Clyde Langer. Clyde had a picture of the Rocket Man in his room when Luke Smith visited him at 2 Renfrow Street. Luke was impressed by Clyde's drawing and asked Clyde to teach him how to paint. (TV: The Mark of the Berserker)

Clyde also drew the Rocket Man when he was inside the attic of 13 Bannerman Road. He kept the drawing on his desk. (WC: Attic Padz)

Later Clyde did another drawing of the Rocket Man which was a lot bigger than his first one. He put it onto the wall of his room. (TV: The Curse of Clyde Langer)

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