Rock Star was the ninth short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: The Quality of Leadership. It was written by Robert T. Jeschonek. It featured the Third Doctor and Jo Grant.


The Doctor and Jo are on the planet Rishik for the music festival, Beatfest. An earthquake hits the area and they are forced to flee, aided by their host, Anderian Gosha.

After a second earthquake, they are attacked by someone who turns out to be Anderian's chief of security, Barma Buray, who is secretly working for another faction. The Doctor explains to Jo that there are two main factions on Rishik, and both blame each other for the earthquakes.

The origin of the earthquakes are traced to the home of Genus Fry, who turns out to be the headliner for Beatfest. Fry is working with two Tun, guardians of Rishik, causing the earthquakes. When the Doctor and Jo try to stop them, Jo is hooked up to the matrix that causes the quakes. It is revealed that Fry can see ten years into the future, and time is rapidly approaching a point where he sees no future. Both factions on Rishik are building nuclear weapons, and the Tun enlisted Fry's help to destroy the weapon stashes, using the earthquakes.

The Doctor and Jo help, but Fry is seemingly killed. However, the Tun upload his consciousness into a Tun body, and he becomes one of them.



  • Jo rescues some Cephalith children.
  • Jo calls Oke "Mount Everest".
  • The TARDIS has its own seismographic suite.


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