Rock Railton was the male star of Lady Don't Shoot, a film in the 1930s. He co-starred alongside Giddy Semestre, with whom he was rumoured to be romantically linked. The real Rock Railton's boss, Max Kliener, had secretly been making duplicates of him by taking people and moulding their flesh to look identical to him. The duplicates had all of Rock's memories up to the point when he had been copied, but would quickly die out and have to be continuously replaced.

While he was in New York City in 1938, one of the duplicates caught wind of what he believed to be a plot to kill him using "the angel's kiss." The Rock Railton duplicate sought out Melody Malone and agreed to pay her $100 a day plus expenses to find out who was plotting to kill him. The next day, he had rapidly aged and died in Melody's arms, the latter of whom did not recognise him and believed him to be a bum. (PROSE: The Angel's Kiss: A Melody Malone Mystery)

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