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Robyn was supposedly an old friend of Bernice Summerfield. She helped her to find her son Peter Summerfield and told Benny about Frost. She told Benny about a legend. She reminded of old memories, which could have been implanted. She could control time and experienced time backwards. She was sent to save Buenos Aires in the future. She used Benny's memories to help work out who sent Frost to destroy it. (AUDIO: Secret Origins)

She helped Bev Tarrant to stop Allen Ward from being abducted, but she was abducted herself. She was dismantled but Bev was instructed by her on how to fix her. She then shot Bev as she knew what Doggles was up to and wanted to stop it as it affected her masters, the Deindum. She tried to force Benny through the fissure. (AUDIO: Resurrecting the Past)

Adrian Wall heard that someone fitting Robyn's description had been spotted on one of the Rimworlds. He tried to contact her but received no reply, and wondered if her programming was wiped. (PROSE: Adorable Illusion)