Robinson, later known as Short, was a member of both the Save Planet Earth society and the Scientific Reform Society. (PROSE: Robinson)

Shortly after he joined the Save Planet Earth society, his wife Daphne left him for Terry, citing Robinson's constant moaning about the environment. Approximately nine months later, (PROSE: Robinson) he resigned from his job (TV: Invasion of the Dinosaurs, PROSE: Robinson) as a bank teller (PROSE: Doctor Who and the Dinosaur Invasion) and even sold his house.

Sarah Jane Smith convinced them that they were not aboard a spacecraft bound for New Earth. (TV: Invasion of the Dinosaurs) Following his rescue and subsequent bankruptcy, Robinson assumed the new name "Mr Sharp" and started a new life working for Hilda Winters as events officer of the Scientific Reform Society. (PROSE: Robinson)

Sarah Jane Smith interviewed Sharp for an article regarding the Society. She deliberately tested his patience by dressing in an unusual manner and questioning his intentions to bring about a culture run by elitists, who would dictate what those of lesser intellect were allowed to do. He was presumably captured and rounded up with the rest of the SRS after UNIT stormed their nuclear fallout bunker. (TV: Robot)

Behind the scenes Edit

While both Robinson in Invasion of the Dinosaurs and Short in Robot were played by actor Timothy Craven, the connection between the characters was not made explicit until Jonathan Morris' 2018 The Blogs of Doom short story Robinson.

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