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Robert Shearman (sometimes credited as Rob Shearman; born 10 February 1970[1]) is an English playwright of theatrical and audio productions and a short story writer. He has written many audio scripts for Big Finish Productions Doctor Who stories, though he is perhaps best known for writing the television episode Dalek, which was loosely based on his audio play Jubilee.

Under the pseudonym of "Jeremy Leadbetter", he authored the audio drama Punchline, part of The Time Travellers series made by BBV Productions. It starred Sylvester McCoy, who gave high praise to the script.

Jubilee Pizza appeared in several Doctor Who and Torchwood episodes and on The Sarah Jane Adventures. It first appeared in Dalek as a subtle reference to Shearman and his original script Jubilee which formed the loose basis for the script.

He was interviewed in issue 485 of Doctor Who Magazine for the revival series' tenth anniversary. He commented that he had always hoped that the show would return to TV.

Robert was offered to write for the third series of Big Finish's Doctor Who spin-off Dalek Empire, but he declined.[2]

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He is married to Big Finish actress Jane Goddard.

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