Robert Louis Stevenson was an author whose books were read by Richard Pollard. (AUDIO: The Fall of the House of Pollard)

In 1828, Doctor Robert Knox alluded to Stevenson's novel The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde during a conversation with Evelyn Smythe. Given that Stevenson would not be born until the 1850s, the Sixth Doctor realised that he mentioned the novel as a test for Evelyn whom he correctly believed may be another time traveller. (AUDIO: Medicinal Purposes)

One of Stevenson's books was Kidnapped. The Second Doctor gave Eleanor Woods a copy. (PROSE: Visiting Hours)

Another of Stevenson's books was Treasure Island. The First Doctor exchanged Treasure Island for a copy of The Time Machine while visiting Professor Chronotis in Cambridge in 1958. (PROSE: Cambridge Previsited)

The Fourth Doctor remembered being friends with Stevenson, who often told him there usually needed to be an extremely pressing reason for someone to visit Arbroath. (PROSE: The Drosten's Curse)

Behind the scenes Edit

Mark Gatiss played Robert Louis Stevenson in Steven Moffat's Jekyll.

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