Colonel Robert Dalton served as head of UNIT in Colonel Ross Brimmicombe-Wood's absence. (AUDIO: Time Heals, PROSE: Project: Valhalla) His ancestors were Saxon. (AUDIO: Snake Head) Dalton was married but didn't get on with his mother-in-law. (AUDIO: The Longest Night)

His father, William Dalton, was also an officer in the British Army and friends with (ironically) Brimmicombe-Wood's father and Charles Crichton. (PROSE: Project: Valhalla)

Dalton served with Andrea Winnington, whom he disliked. (AUDIO: Time Heals) While a patriotic soldier, he viewed the nationalist ICIS with contempt, calling them a "gestapo run by the Keystone Cops". (AUDIO: Snake Head)

He was part of the invasion and occupation of Syria, aimed at removing a dictator; Dalton viewed this as a justified action. (AUDIO: Time Heals, The Longest Night) In 2005, he was rushed back to the UK to take over UNIT. He was initially unaware that aliens existed at all, much less that UNIT was set up to combat them; he considered the organisation as believing it was above the law. Despite his rough start, he heroically risked his life to stop a nuclear submarine from detonating. (AUDIO: Time Heals)

Dalton was killed a month later during an attempted coup by ICIS, not long after fighting off ICIS brainwashing meant to turn him into a suicide bomber. (AUDIO: The Longest Night)