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'''Colonel Robert Dalton''' served as head of [[U.N.I.T.]] in [[Colonel Brimmicombe-Wood]]'s absence.
|image =
*Position: Head of the British division of UNIT
*Years: 2005
|origin = [[Earth]]
*Preceded by: [[Brimmicombe-Wood|Ross Brimmicombe-Wood]]
|father = William Dalton
*Succeeded by: [[Emily Chaudhry]]
|appearances = {{il|[[AUDIO]]: ''[[Time Heals (audio story)|Time Heals]]''|[[AUDIO]]: ''[[Snake Head (audio story)|Snake Head]]''|[[AUDIO]]: ''[[The Longest Night (audio story)|The Longest Night]]''}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Dalton, Robert}}
|actor = Nicholas Deal}}[[Colonel]] '''Robert Dalton''' served as head of [[Unified Intelligence Taskforce|UNIT]] in Colonel [[Ross Brimmicombe-Wood]]'s absence. ([[AUDIO]]: ''[[Time Heals (audio story)|Time Heals]]'', [[PROSE]]: ''[[Project Valhalla (novel)|Project: Valhalla]]'') His ancestors were [[Saxon]]. ([[AUDIO]]: ''[[Snake Head]]'') Dalton was married but didn't get on with his mother-in-law. ([[AUDIO]]: ''[[The Longest Night (audio story)|The Longest Night]]'')
[[Category:UNIT officers|Dalton, Robert]]
His father, William Dalton, was also an officer in the [[British Army]] and friends with (ironically) Brimmicombe-Wood's father and [[Charles Crichton]]. ([[PROSE]]: ''[[Project Valhalla (novel)|Project: Valhalla]]'')
Dalton served with [[Andrea Winnington]], whom he disliked. ([[AUDIO]]: ''[[Time Heals (audio story)|Time Heals]]'') While a patriotic soldier, he viewed the nationalist [[Internal Counter-Intelligence Service|ICIS]] with contempt, calling them a "[[gestapo]] run by the [[Keystone Cops]]". ([[AUDIO]]: ''[[Snake Head]]'')
He was part of the invasion and occupation of [[Syria]], aimed at removing a dictator; Dalton viewed this as a justified action. ([[AUDIO]]: ''[[Time Heals (audio story)|Time Heals]], [[The Longest Night]]'') In [[2005]], he was rushed back to the UK to take over UNIT. He was initially unaware that aliens existed at all, much less that UNIT was set up to combat them; he considered the organisation as believing it was above the law. Despite his rough start, he heroically risked his life to stop a nuclear submarine from detonating. ([[AUDIO]]: ''[[Time Heals (audio story)|Time Heals]]'')
Dalton was killed a month later during an attempted coup by [[Internal Counter-Intelligence Service|ICIS]], not long after fighting off ICIS brainwashing meant to turn him into a suicide bomber. ([[AUDIO]]: ''[[The Longest Night (audio story)|The Longest Night]]'')
* Position: Acting Head of the British division of UNIT
* Years: [[2005]]
* Preceded by: [[Ross Brimmicombe-Wood]]
* Succeeded by: [[Emily Chaudhry]]
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[[Category:21st century individuals]]
[[Category:UNIT human officers]]
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