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Robert was an officer.

He came to the house in Ely, as had others before him, to exorcise the ghost of Sara Kingdom. At first he did not wish to grant the ghost an exception so as to continue its existence, as had the others. However, he changed his mind and wanted to record one of her stories so he could use it to petition she not be exorcised. (AUDIO: Home Truths, The Drowned World)

Robert came from a time in Earth's distant future where those who lived on Earth had regressed to more primitive times. Technology such as photography had been forgotten, while the phonograph had only recently been either reinvented or rediscovered. Stories of mankind travelling among the stars still persisted, and even the Daleks were remembered as monstrosities from a bygone era. (AUDIO: The Drowned World, The Guardian of the Solar System)

When a terrible disease fell upon humanity as a result of a new war, Robert struck a deal with the house. In exchange for the life of his daughter, who caught the disease, he agreed to stay for life inside it, so that Sara could have someone to care for. (AUDIO: The Drowned World) The house prevented him from ageing, so that he could stay there indefinitely.

Twenty-one years later, when her daughter left to see the world, Robert asked to take Sara's place as the new conscience of the house. He had nowhere to go, and wished for a way to stay there indefinitely. Sara granted his wish: Robert died and his conscience was inserted into the house, while Sara came back to life. He then seemingly granted her permission to leave; however, Sara quickly figured out that, while she could leave the house, she couldn't leave the island, due to Robert's daughter taking away the only available boat. She came back to the house, where Robert offered her help at one condition: that she finished her last story, the one of an old man in a clock. Sara finished her story, and as a consequence she finally admitted her deepest wish: that of being, at last, free to make a choice, not feeling trapped in a pre-ordained story. Robert then used the power of the house to draw the TARDIS to the island, leaving Sara the choice whether to join the Doctor once again or remain there. (AUDIO: The Guardian of the Solar System)

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